The Best Golf Swings on Tour in Slow Motion

Here are the best swings on the PGA Tour, in High-Definition Slow Motion. For your ultimate enjoyment.

Presented by BETTER GOLF.

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    50 Replies to “The Best Golf Swings on Tour in Slow Motion”

    1. What's common in all these swings?
      They're all executed by world class professionals.

    2. Rory: that's unnatural and his back will be shot soon enough. . .you do NOT go down and up like that. . . why Tiger and company are all injured. Terrible position.

    3. VP Test says:

      If you're not already using Golf Kinetis for improve your game then you are so behind! It helped me to get better and now I play like a pro!

    4. the croupier says:

      4:07 hideous fucking trouser alert. I mean golf- you can really personalise the outfit… why isnt there any style man

    5. Thanks. That's going in my phone to be used as reference at the range.

    6. Mark Nikara says:

      Ricky's body appears to suck itself into the ball….amazing to see 🙂

    7. I took up golf during the pandemic after bad mouthing it for a long time (I’m 47)… and though my swing looks nothing like these dudes’ beautiful shots, I’m fairly consistent and hit the ball way better than when I started and more accurately. I think that if I try to change it to this style or way, I might lose my accuracy and power just trying to correct. Don’t get me wrong, these are great, but what I do WORKS for me. It’s like kicking the soccer ball with my tip and I master it but it’s a no-no for most and almost all instructors will tell you not to do that.

    8. My favorite swings here are Adam Scott and Tiger Woods both so clean. Missing Fred Couples!

    9. I hit 240 with my pitching wedge

    10. I’ve been playing tennis all of my life. Played golf with my brother for the first time recently and from a tennis player’s perspective, the traditional golf swing makes no sense to me. I never start a serve or a stroke with my wrist cocked back in tennis. It would take away from the rhythm and the whip effect that gives easy power. The Ju-Ju golf swing makes most sense to me. It’s the same way a pro tennis player produces rhythm, power and stability.

    11. Andy Coleman says:

      what gorgeously made video, great help

    12. Thiago Araki says:

      What’s the name of this song?

    13. SwitcherooU says:

      Wow, so their hips are pointed at the target at impact. I've had it wrong forever.

    14. E Dub says:

      @ 2:35 that wrist cock is insane, not human

    15. Ursula Kur says:

      You forgot Louis Oosthuizen.

    16. r lake says:

      Look at the toe drooping at impact 2:50

    17. J G says:

      I love how it switches to a budget hip-hop beat to show Tiger’s swing 😂😂😂

    18. If I swing that slow the ball would go four feet and everyone would yell at me for taking so long.

    19. Laird Herron says:

      It's incredible how far past parallel Johnson goes at the top of his backswing relative to other pros. Thanks for the content!

    20. Old Ben says:

      yall really put spieth on this vid lol

    21. BENJAMIN LIM says:

      The music times so well with Dustins swing

    22. C Davies says:

      Rory… enough said. Ok, Tiger too. 🏌️‍♂️👍🏻

    23. Doug Hofmann says:

      Who is the first guy? That thing is a work of art

    24. Bon Scott says:

      Two words.
      Moe Norman.
      End of story.

    25. John Koury says:

      Wilco Neinaber- best swing I have ever seen

    26. Kasper says:

      0:47 Phil is rolling his club face a lot through the impact which makes his ball striking less consistent. Phil is one the the greatest golfers of all time but his shots of the tee has never been his strong side. Fortunately his short game is some of the greatest ever seen.

    27. So majestic ⛳️☀️

    28. Shawn says:
      Practice golf swing anytime, and at any place on any weather

    29. TXTE says:

      The swing by Adam Scott at 1:47 is so filthy I actually laughed out loud. The way his head hovers over the ball at impact like a God 🐐

    30. one of my favorite videos ive ever watched on YouTube….music goes perfectly

    31. I probably hit the ball farther than anyone I know of. These guys are okay but I see some flaws no one should emulate.

    32. Knsel1 says:

      Like the swing that starts at about 4:00

    33. Victor Chang says:

      noob question – who's the guy at 2:20?

    34. What's the name of the music for the first part? i keep replay the first part 😁

    35. My left wrist is starting to hurt now… and I'm only 27. What do I do?

    36. Tom Autera says:

      My HUGE problem is that, I can't keep my head behind the ball like these guys. Wish I could figure that out. When I change my weight forward, my head goes with it.

    37. Take away right down the line with natural club set

    38. Nate_Feag says:

      0:39 Jordan Speith with a beautiful chicken wing

    39. P. J. Molina says:

      Sergio one of the best golf swing

    40. Hugh Sweeney says:

      2:39 man, he's really closing off the clubhead. That's nuts!

    41. CHANKI CHOI says:

      the best is the 20yrs ago Tiger, the second is the 10yrs ago Rory. others? they r just low handicapd amateurs

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    43. Kekw says:

      Not fair. I want a swing like these!

    44. W1se says:

      I really want like an hour long version of this.

    45. I swear some people just draw lines to draw lines.

    46. What is the sound that starts when Tiger in all black does his wings?

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