The Best Golf Tips To Strike Your Irons PURE!

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The Best Golf Tips To Strike Your Irons PURE!

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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    31 Replies to “The Best Golf Tips To Strike Your Irons PURE!”

    1. Cee Jay says:

      This information and they way it is passed on is just pure gold dust. The best thing I have done for my game was signing up with the Top Speed Golf system. Thanks a lot Clay & team !

    2. I would love to take lessons from Clay in person.

    3. Are you holding the right wrist back and or in place?

    4. Jon Wright says:

      Thanks a million Clay for this great advice , brilliant video, greetings from Ireland ,happy 4th July

    5. Geoff Read says:

      Brilliant Video collection Clay. I KNOW this works… just need to keep working at the drills to get it into my own swing consistently.

    6. Rene J says:

      I will repeat watching this video and head back to golf range; watch this video again, go back to range, repeat until I have this sweet sweet swing

    7. ILSID says:

      If any of you are new to the game and confused by all the advice you’re receiving or don’t know which advice is right. Listen to this guy. It takes half of a life time to figure this stuff out on your own. This is 95% gold.

    8. Sean Juan says:

      If you can get your irons to work well especially your longs you're learning to be a pure striker. Sevi B spent countless hours hitting long iron on the beach hard sand.

    9. Early release ,swing killer.

    10. Tmak says:

      After watching this I realize my head and shoulders are too much above the ball instead of behind it

    11. Excente explicación y lo practique y Si me a ayudado

    12. Pham Tu says:

      Best instruction I have seen. Very useful for newbie as me. I have looked for many videos but no one as good as yours. Thanks so much

    13. Cindy Sue says:

      OMG that is me!!!! And I know better but I choke! Thanks for explaining this!

    14. I watched the senior driver tip the. It said watch the next video to square the club face but it sure which one was next

    15. Thank you I see what I’m doing wrong when I’m blocking my shot to the right for a right handed golf

    16. ILIAD9 says:

      I took these tips to the range yesterday and man thank you. Just what I was looking for.

    17. edenjets says:

      Great stuff really helping me big time. Love the different looks u rocking too haha👍🏻

    18. John Fan says:

      May I ask, what is the software that you are using in the middle of the course to chart the flight and speed of the ball?? Thank you in advance!

    19. DannyBoy says:

      I've been coming a bit over the top and not releasing my hips and getting more heavy or fat shots than I'd like to. This was an amazing lesson. Thank you!👏

    20. Really good instructions, great

    21. TMacD says:

      Great content…thank you

    22. Mike Dektas says:

      you really know what you're talking about!

    23. Tom Volz says:

      Thank the Lord for you too and thank the Lord for you sir going to church now praying for you

    24. Robert says:

      Do you use any side tilt in the start of the downswing or is it purely a rotational move?

    25. Robert says:

      Thank you Clay for great info.

    26. Al Gosen says:

      I don't get it, I don't get it, I don't get it!! I am a 27 handicapper and there's none of my playing partners that can understand why I can't hit my irons and mid range shots better thus improving my swing. I work hard at it hitting hundreds of balls and still can't get the hang of hitting it correctly. I am working on this video and will let you know.

    27. Great video Clay – I'm gonna try these out tmr.

    28. Drew Spinoso says:

      My wife and I like to play golf nude. Unfortunately, when I swing my unit keeps interfering with my swing plane. How can I minimize this without clothing or a clothes-pin?

    29. Hey Clay! the one with the thumb down must be a guy ballerina dancer lol. You are an amazing teacher and still lots of haters.

    30. H J says:

      This is the most awesome golf instruction video. Subscribed

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