The BEST kept secret in Greenville Golf?! Cherokee Valley Golf Vlog

Cherokee Valley in Greenville is perhaps one the of BEST programs I’ve performed which is shocking as a result of it may additionally be the very best kept secret in Greenville public golf. Full 18 gap course vlog for Cherokee Valley!


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    12 Replies to “The BEST kept secret in Greenville Golf?! Cherokee Valley Golf Vlog”

    1. Phobia117 says:

      Not sure where exactly you call home, I’m gonna assume Asheville, but if you’re looking for somewhere to play that won’t be like a 3+ hour drive:

      Smokey Mountain, Whittier NC. About 2-3 miles from Sequoyah. Neat little place that’s scorable, #5 is unique.

      Kingwood, Clayton GA. About 5-10 miles from Sky Valley. Extremely short, one of the easiest courses I’ve ever seen, but beware #12.

      The Rock, Pickens SC. Just west of Greenville, decent track, not too expensive, pretty good views, waterfall right next to one tee box.

      Currahee, Toccoa GA. Private club, but can be accessed via Stay and Play. One of the better courses I’ve ever seen. Views from 1 and 10 tee are incredible.

      Happy hunting.

    2. great course only played it once love seeing golf content around here thanks

    3. Alan Edwards says:

      Excellent front nine brother and solid round all together. Okay…so let's just forget that 18th hole. Your mind had checked out thinking the round was over….sucks. I'm fine with the chip on the green….I mean at your skill level that is. It's a judgement call and you made the right choice. Worst it would do is maybe leave a mark you could repair anyway.

      I'm with you….IMO there is no better time to golf than in the fall. I will take 50 degree temps, even mid 40s….all day long. Just get some warm weather gear and it's a great time to golf. I live in Michigan and with the exception of leaves, courses are usually in real nice shape – greens are usually nice and well….green. Plus there are not very many people golfing so it's a huge win win. Really enjoy your videos man. Quickly becoming my favorite golf vlog channel and I share the love too. I've been around since almost the start and it has been real cool watching you improve your game.

    4. Bill L says:

      great round, so painful on that 5P finish!
      you can certainly chip on the green, of course aim not to leave a mark- so well done!

    5. Michael Ray says:

      I live in myrtle beach, maybe ill see you on one of the courses, would love to meet you!!

    6. John Schmidt says:

      You did no damage to the green with the chip so you weren’t a jerk. A less skilled golfer like me probably shouldn’t ever chip from the green though.

      The lip out was really nasty. You showed admirable restraint with your reaction to it.

    7. Your barber made a nice job with the haircut, looks good 😉👍 gorgeous course and great shooting 👏👍

    8. Be nice if they offered tee times before noon.

    9. PCB864 says:

      LOVE this place, live right down the road.

    10. Jacop Stokes says:

      Had a great time watching you finish there…. great to me you😂

    11. I had a friend do that a left a divot. major jerk.

    12. Big jerk. oh wait no divot. never mind. no harm no foul.

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