The BEST MOMENTS from the 2022 MVP Open Lead Card | Jomez Disc Golf

Thanks for watching JomezPro Disc Golf match protection highlights of the MPO lead card at the 2022 MVP Open at Maple Hill.

Gamers: Paul McBeth, Ricky Wysocki, Gannon Buhr, Corey Ellis, Raven Newsom
Course: Maple Hill DGC | Leicester, MA
BigBarri Commentary: Jeremy “Large Jerm” Koling, Paul “Uli” Ulibarri

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    21 Replies to “The BEST MOMENTS from the 2022 MVP Open Lead Card | Jomez Disc Golf”

    1. Mark Ronda says:

      Raven looks like he takes a step before he long putts sometimes

    2. Does anyone know a video that actually explains the playoff structure? Or just the entire season/point structure? I feel like they just talk about as if everyone knows what the hell they are talking about.

    3. luke poisson says:

      Ellis’ shot on hole 16 final round shoulda been higher in my opinion

    4. Tdawg740 says:

      I know you can only have 10 but Corey’s putt on hole ten to swing his round around was insane

    5. 420 Troll says:

      mcbeth is the only player on Tour that dresses the part.

    6. Tobbe says:

      8:00 that happend to my friend once, except there wasnt a flag. He hit it with the perfect speed so it just slid across the top and dropped down into the basket.. Why does things like that only happen to other people?

    7. Drew Lowell says:

      To think if corey aced hole 8 he would have one because if it 😢

    8. RZ 2019 says:

      I am now just waiting for a flashback matchplay of Raven's last shot. Of course incuding Jerm as a contender.

    9. André says:

      I like how the number one highlight was for bogey. What a crazy putt!

    10. Scr00bins says:

      Bonus best shots: Adam Hammes throw in from like 100+ft. Gannon parking hole 13, 2 days in a row.

    11. 1 fits that spot most insane drop in history , 2 should be the double basket hit and 3 should be gannon skip basket hit. then the rest fall in line. poorest ranking ive seen so far

    12. LMB9888 says:

      I was rooting for Raven. He was looking like he was having a blast.

    13. “Santa doesn’t like those discs coming in those trees”

    14. Brian Netzel says:

      That last one. Been golfing since ‘99 and never seen that before

    15. T Chambers says:

      you guys just make a mistake #1….essentially a bad putt? i guess. at least he didn't do the stupid bow and arrow thing lmao

    16. Hades says:

      Not a single Linus shot? seriously?

    17. Raven was awesome to watch all tourney

    18. Brandon H says:

      That last shot was a birdie, btw, not a bogey. Idk why the graphic said that.

    19. Mr. Giddy Up says:

      The last Shot was Awesome. The question I have is what happens if the Disc gets stuck on top of the cage what do you do in that situation. Anyone know….

    20. Fynn Dickson says:

      Simon with such a great comeback 👏

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