The best tip to strike your irons pure | Golf

The best Drill to Strike your irons pure.

A drill I have been using this year with great results. To pure your irons is all about impact!
Looking for low point a couple of inches after the ball for your divots to start.

The drill is to pre set the ideal impact position then hit the ball from there, really simple but very effective.

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    25 Replies to “The best tip to strike your irons pure | Golf”

    1. Patrick McG says:

      Great tip, thanks 👊

    2. SooBaked420 says:

      Take practice swing an adjust to divot u will start to pure shots

    3. Nathan Saito says:

      Whenever I do this type of impact drill, I tend to lift my heel too early and block myself and hit blocks to the right. Could I try the wedge under the heel drill with this type of impact drill?

    4. My dad taught me this low point aim yesterday – and it worked wonders😱 I play with semi blades – and the ball strike was incredible

    5. You cup your lead wrist through your swing. Never going to consistently break par doing that

    6. kdogg 83 says:

      How do you transition from this set up to a normal set up when you start to hit the ball better?

    7. Thanks you for your share good hit

    8. MartialGolf says:

      Why not just play golf like this?

    9. De Wet Britz says:

      Looks like he shitting himself

    10. Jetzsetter says:

      Let’s go Brandon!!

    11. Jeff Smiley says:

      Is this something you do on the course also?

    12. boc413 says:

      Looks like the 2nd at St Mellion

    13. Douglas Mach says:

      Didn't sound to pure

    14. Thanks. Will give this drill a try. 👍🏻

    15. B Osborne says:

      If these are the best tips how come you're not playing on the PGA tour how come you weren't at the Ryder cup seems to me those guys have the best tips so go f*** yourself

    16. B Osborne says:

      And just because you're a golf pro at a golf course that's still doesn't make you f**** qualify to be giving tips like you're a pro a touring pro on the PGA tour not some minor f**** I'm a shittier player tour

    17. B Osborne says:

      Guys like you are a dime a dozen at golf courses all across this country thinking you're in some sort of position to give tips when you've never played on the PGA tour and if you had you weren't worth a damn and again in no position to give tips, go f*** yourself

    18. B Osborne says:

      I find it hilarious when non-pga touring players give golf tips just because they can hit a ball once in awhile but they get over technical with everything and again there are no place to give f**** tips that's like saying I can drive a car so I'm going to go give a formula 1 driver tips

    19. B Osborne says:

      Do you play on the PGA tour if not, don't be giving tips

    20. B Osborne says:

      Who the f*** are you to give golf tips

    21. I was kind of doing a rendition of this where I kind of turned my body as if I was already into the contact point if my swing and I started making great contact. Only reason I stopped was bc I was afraid it looked weird

    22. A I says:

      Bro. I can’t stand like that and hit a golf ball. Maybe a chip

    23. Joe Witty says:

      As pure as it gets🔥🔥

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