The Best Tips In Golf For Chipping and Pitching

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The Best Tips In Golf For Chipping and Pitching

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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    27 Replies to “The Best Tips In Golf For Chipping and Pitching”

    1. I started playing golf 14 months ago! I’ve only practice what you teach. I watch your vids every day still! I’ve been in the 80’s for 5 months now! Thank you for taking the time to make these great vids you make! Your way of teaching is so easy to follow! Again thank you!

    2. please wacht me ciphing from the 1,5m bunker to hole/green

    3. Linda Bragg says:

      Should you wipe the water off your ball before you hit it all the time before you hit it. I’m thinking it would make sense so that the ball doesn’t slip from your contact with the club.

    4. Oscar R says:

      Best golf lessons ever. You are one of the best golf instructors I've ever seen. Thank you very much for making these videos available to us.

    5. Man, excellent value in this video. your tips help me a lot. my short game is much better from using these tips. this is just really good coaching. You explain things very well and easy to relate. thats why I like your videos. Can you do a series on sand and bunker shots. I notice , not all bunkers are equal. (in sand quality that is…)anyways, thanks.

    6. Very helpful, Ill practice it right now.Thanks Clay

    7. hola!!! la verdad imprecionante video lo disfrute bastante deseo el siguiente éxito me despido les dejo besis agradecido

    8. Adam Ko says:

      can you do one like this with BUNKER shots please

    9. Adam Ko says:

      so detailed video! love it! 😍 THANK YOU

    10. Carlos alem says:

      hey la verdad amazing video lo disfrute bastante aguardo por el proximo grabación los dejo les envio cariños muchas gracias

    11. Dan Williams says:

      At 16:00 did you mean to say "chip" instead of "pitch"? Great teaching!

    12. What would be a good choice for a flight at REASONABLE cost to track carry distance on short game shots to better control carry with various swing lengths and pitching clubs.

    13. dhit62 says:

      Your lessons are so good. Don't know why I haven't subscribed sooner (I just did). Folks this guy has some of the best lessons on the internet. Thanks!!!

    14. jill barnes says:

      Clay this is the BEST EVER video explaining Chipping vs Pitching. so very well explained & demonstrated. Thank you.

    15. Should I use my putting grip to chip?

    16. Ok, I can pretty much delete most of the chipping vids(some of them yours) I saved before. This compilation pretty much covers it. Thanks, Clay!

    17. Tim New says:

      Good video and tips. Question; when chipping or pitching do you use the same club to chip with all the time? Same question for pitching in that do you use the same club for it? (different club than the one used for chipping obviously) Or in each case does it depend on your distance to the green? Used to be when I spent a lot of time practicing my chipping I always used my 7 iron for all chips inside 30 feet or so. Anything longer than that I played the bump and run with my 6 iron. The last few years I got away from practicing my chipping and now it is kind of a mess. Predictably of course.

    18. Xavier Ali says:

      Sampling this for my next lofi track… solid quote at 1:19 lol

    19. Glenn Watson says:

      I like how you threw the ball. That is the the way I know how hard to swing.

    20. Do you also have a video of you just playing a few holes? Maybe while discussing strategy and position play? Would be nice to watch you just playing maybe 5-9 holes or so while commentating! Anyway, thanks for all your content!!! I never thought golf would be so difficult to play, learning a lot every video I watch! Cheers

    21. Randy Wolf says:

      Clay another great video lesson. Chipping and pitching can be fun. We don't always hit greens in regulation so to save par when your buddies think they have an advantage is great. You can save a lot of strokes with some additional practice working on your short game.

    22. Thanks for sharing this tips..from malaysia

    23. KillerGees says:

      You look like your own son when going from bearded/viking to clean – cut coach! Thanks for the great video.

    24. 727sky says:

      This is one of your better videos/series as I have watched it several times. Thanks

    25. TONY STOPAR says:

      Could you do a short game video using your X3 in short game mode and talk about spin lofts?

    26. TONY STOPAR says:

      It's funny how some distinguish the difference between a chip and a pitch. I agree with you and have been tought this since I was a kid. There is one very well know pro who calls every thing chipping and his short game video says if you're not doing it his way you are doing it wrong. LOL 😂 Keep up the great videos Clay! ⛳🏌️

    27. Hey Mr. Clay, I'm one of your subscribers from philippines, How can I Pitch or Chipped a golf ball or choose a right club to swing through near the hole?

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