The BEST WAY To Improve – The Domino Effect In The Golf Swing

Hey everyone, excited to share this video with you because I know it’s going to be a game-changer for so many of you! 🤩⛳️

You wouldn’t believe the number of times I’ve had students come to me, thinking they were focusing on the right aspect of their swing, only to discover that there were more critical faults they needed to address first. I’ll show you how to identify that one crucial fault that needs your attention the most – the key to fixing your swing like a pro! 🔑🏌️‍♂️

We’ll also dive deep into understanding the Golf Domino Effect – a concept that transforms your game. Just imagine, once you fix that primary fault, it’s like setting off a chain reaction, aligning all the other pieces of the puzzle! 💥🎉

I get the frustration of trying to fix multiple swing faults with little to no visible results, with the Golf Domino Effect you will get real progress! 😌⚙️ Don’t forget to hit that like button if you enjoy this vide! 💪🏌️‍♀️🎬

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00:00 Intro
00:28 Rob’s Swing
01:41 Rob’s Fix
04:54 Stick Drill
06:42 Lawn Mower Drill
08:52 Most Common Dominos


14 Replies to “The BEST WAY To Improve – The Domino Effect In The Golf Swing”

  1. Going to start with practice how to grip a club everyday.

  2. Rob's first is setup, his hands are a bit too far away fro his body which starts a chain of weird hip turn and inside takeaway.

  3. Darran Ball says:

    Great instruction video Chris, by breaking everything down the game seems so much simpler , I’ve taken note , as always, of all the check points, ie screenshots and will do my upmost to implement them,
    You are so right in stating that when at the range things improve, but my scores don’t 😁,
    I’m so wanting to be a single handicap, presently 12.8, and with your help, I will succeed 👍
    I will one day find a way to book a lesson, hopefully lessons with yourself,
    You continually produce the best advice and content on your YouTube channel.
    Many thanks Darran

  4. Len S says:

    Good one Chris , thanks!

  5. Adil Mahboub says:

    Amazing vidéo as always, need to record my swing and analyze it properly, ty for the tutorial

  6. John W says:

    Good video…been working on this. When I rotate back and do a full turn, my head moves closer to the ball. Even trying to feel that I keep my weight back on my heels, it still wants to go forward. Frustrating….

  7. Andrey Sto says:

    My first domino was to start playing golf..)

  8. Do those blocks belong to your sons??

  9. jeff berger says:

    This is good, Chris. Hypothetical question. If a golfer gets these 4 dominoes correct, would you expect them to shoot in the mid-80’s ?

  10. Roy Close says:

    Well done Chris 👏 😊

  11. Awesome video. Thanks!! Been struggle last three rounds not rotating and I think your right knee and hip movement should do it!!

  12. Kevin Bryant says:

    Wonderful! Been looking for this sort of "prioritization"!

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