The Big Mistake 95% of Golfers Keep Making with Driver (SIMPLE FIX)

That is the largest mistake 95% of golfers make with driver and I am unable to consider there may be not a easy answer right here on youtube! Observe this easy driver golf swing step-by-step information and cease The Big Mistake 95% of Golfers Keep Making with Driver (SIMPLE FIX). Big Errors with driver could cause a slice, hook lack of distance, the whole lot a membership golfer doesn’t need to see when hitting driver!

This drill is one of my easy driver golf swing ideas & this may positively all you to hit UP on the golf ball with driver, Hitting up on the golf ball with driver with this tee peg driver golf swing drill will will let you add a minimum of 7 – 15 yards to your driver golf swing and due to this fact hit your driver LONGER & Straughter down the golf green.

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    24 Replies to “The Big Mistake 95% of Golfers Keep Making with Driver (SIMPLE FIX)”

    1. Learn to hit up on your driver! FOLLOW these simple steps 🔥. Hope you had a great weekend!!

    2. Cleffhanger1 says:

      Man, i got to put my hat down to you on this video, i was struggling with my drive and i could nt figure out what s wrong. I have watch your video 5 times and i practice it once in my back yard cage i set up. I went to play with my buddies and i was killing the drive straight and long. It was sick the shot change. Mad respect for you, this is spot on the best tip to drive the ball. Big up to you

    3. Gonna try this at my next practice. Was making a similar setup, but was just pushing arms forward at address instead of moving back to center. Sliced like crazy more often than not, or some other horrible miss hit.

    4. Mike Sofka says:

      This is a fantastic drill and have been utilizing this at the range!

      I have a question about iron shots…I always hear that the divot is actually taken in front of the ball after contact. I cannot make a proper divot to save my life! What tips do you have for that?

    5. p walsh says:

      Great tip Alex, what degree is your Driver??

    6. David Smith says:

      Nice drill. The one thing that I am confused about is that according to Trackman, the average attack angle on the PGA tour is actually 1.3 degrees DOWN, not up. How does this fit with the idea of hitting up on the ball?

    7. PAUL Mount says:

      Absolutely great explanation! Thanks Alex!

    8. Golf & Tesla says:

      great advice, I will need to test that soon; could be a lot better and cheaper than buying a new driver.

    9. Hey Alex how can you stop over think when address the golf ball cheers from Australia 🇦🇺 👍

    10. R Estey says:

      Mo Norman addresses the ball like this. He said it was just something he "naturally" developed as he was learning to hit.

    11. ANY1aBLUE says:

      Sorry, can’t take a lesson from someone dressed like a toddler…..

    12. Len Frame says:

      Gonna try this! Thanks

    13. Hi Alex, Mike here 🙂 – good drill. About a year ago, and because I admit I'm getting a little older, I decided to abandon the spine tilt and teeing up my driver against the ball and simply moved my driver back to directly between my feet, with the ball on my left heel, and squared my shoulders rather than titling them. This did two things (for me), first it made the bottom of my arc before the ball and second it allowed me to feel a lot more comfortable with transferring my weight forward and through the ball. It also of course made me muuuuuch more comfortable in the swing from start to finish and removed almost all strain on my lower back.

      I think that we get too fixated with trying to do what the pros, and many teaching pros, do – and we simply don't have the flexibility to rotate around an angled spine. Your drill is exactly how I actually address and hit the golf ball, because the problem (for me anyway) with a drill, is it's something that you then DON'T do when addressing the ball on the course. Just moving the club back 6 inches at address has removed all of those obstacles and has made my drive so much more consistent. Sorry for the long comment.

    14. Yes, this is a very commonly talked about drill. In fact, some golfers on the course address the ball from 1-2 feet away to achieve the same effect.

    15. P C says:

      With driver's low loft, hitting up puts top spin on the ball and gets it rolling along the ground like a putt, unless extra loft is achieved by manipulating the grip like a sand wedge. Correct?

    16. Oliver Adami says:

      Brilliant. That's actually worth trying out. See if that creates a better feeling for the bottom arc and the required swing movement. Thanks Alex.

    17. Jake Blues says:

      Hi Alex,
      as always great video.
      One thing I would like you to address is, when you have shifted your arc backwards, you have also changed the swing path from out to in by virtue of hitting the ball on the up later in the swing.
      Should there be any allowance for this?
      Or am I overthinking it?


    18. Mike S says:

      Do you concentrate your gaze at the golf ball or where you addressed the club behind the ball ?

    19. Drew S says:

      Looking forward to trying this at the range. Thanks!

    20. rob beun says:

      < = less than
      > = more than

    21. Gave it a go and got a few good results. Obviously time needed to build consistency. My issue is how to break 200yds on a regular basis with my driver. It's not clubhead speed as trackman has had me around 92mph average.
      Hopefully this will get me there.

      Took another 2 shots off my round at the weekend, also got a totally unexpected birdie on a 540 yd uphill par 5 (hole 13 at Greenfield Philippines).
      225yd dr, 215yd 5w, 99yd pw, 1yd pt. First time on a par 5!

    22. Eazy Each says:

      Seems like a great tip. It really struck a chord with me. Can’t wait to hit the range and give it a go! Thanks Alex

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