The chip in heard round the world #bobdoessports #shortsfeed #shorts



Observe Bob –
Observe Chilly Cuts –
Observe Fats Perez –
Observe The Jet –


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    36 Replies to “The chip in heard round the world #bobdoessports #shortsfeed #shorts”

    1. Rossie Crum says:

      Can we get an explanation of what a bang a rang roofio is please

    2. Bryce says:


    3. Like watching a prime Phil Mickelson

    4. halfhour0 says:

      Huge endorsement for the Vokey wedge there! Talk numbers Cutsy.

    5. Where is the ❤ it Button!!!

    6. IamTrent says:

      Cutsys laugh is next level! Love that shit

    7. john head says:

      joey d's laugh is pure maniacal bliss

    8. Jake Hense says:

      It’s the “I lost my breath” from Joey D at the end. 😂

    9. JB says:

      Loving it gentlemen! Cuttsy=Clutch

    10. So that's the commotion I heard on my lunch break😮😂

    11. Dylicious says:

      such a great moment for the fellas

    12. You guys are some funny fuckers!

    13. jeff albert says:

      The connection on the belly/chest bump was so pure.

    14. Matthew says:

      Chip ins are special. Beautiful up and down Cutsy

    15. I’m here for the Cuts

    16. Joey is a goat 😂😂😂

    17. Trice Riddle says:

      Jet needs to play more. Gold mine of content

    18. PJ Cowie says:

      Cutsy is a national treasure!

    19. Bangarang – Fucking – Rufio! Way to go Joey D!!

    20. Trent Baca says:

      The fact that Cuts references Rufio from Hook makes him a fucking G right out of the gate. Bangerang!!!!!

    21. It really is criminal you guys don't have at least a million subscribers! Top tier content as always!

    22. Jeff Backer says:

      Jet was my spirit animal on this one…


    23. Alex V says:

      The near kiss between Joey d and jet on that chest bump is really what we’re here for

    24. 🤣🤣🤣 f*ckin rufio

    25. Kronos says:

      I hope th3 guys are always this excited for things. Some guys get so good a chip in is no big deal

    26. Chris White says:

      Cutsy is a filthy boy!! Lol

    27. Wade says:

      Would love to play around with these Guys. Would be a blast. Cheers!

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