THE COOLEST BEST-SELLER?!? | 2023 Cupra Formentor 1.4 e-Hybrid Review

Cupra’s bestselling crossover, the Formentor, matches form with function and offers an efficient, practical and comfortable drive. We tested the 204hp 1.4 e-Hybrid, which pairs a 1.4L turbocharged petrol engine with a 12.8kWh battery for an electric driving range of 59 kilometres. Let’s see what it’s all about.

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4 Replies to “THE COOLEST BEST-SELLER?!? | 2023 Cupra Formentor 1.4 e-Hybrid Review”

  1. Cormac Walsh says:

    Great review 👍😎

  2. hello88 says:

    We have ours now over 3 months.Amazing car and really eye cather.We went for a 2.0l diesel 150 hp because of big mileage per year and I am shocked how underpowered car feels.Have feeling you shouldn't even consider taking it under 200hp.

  3. I'd love one of these I diesel but alas it's EU only so we in Northern Ireland won't get it. The 1.5 TSI non hybrid is a possibility for me.

  4. Jean says:

    Great review of the very stylish Cupra Formentor 😍

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