The Disc Golf Pro Tour Has Bought Jomez Pro, Is Post Produced Changing? | Grip Locked

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Trevor, Hunter, and Konner fill you in on all things disc golf!
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Intro – 0:00
Jomez Buyout – 2:49
Natalie Ryan OTB Open Suit – 26:05
Trevor’s Trivia – 31:35
What We Learned from the PGA Tour – 42:06


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33 Replies to “The Disc Golf Pro Tour Has Bought Jomez Pro, Is Post Produced Changing? | Grip Locked”

  1. I wondered how winners coming from chase cards while paying a premium for coverage impacted the existing agreement.

  2. honksolo says:

    If jomezpro becomes a boring monotone stale coverage like "normal golf" im not watchimg them anymore i liked jomez because they seemed down to earth and funny

  3. SF Dyes says:

    I've always thought that Jomez could become basically the dgpt sportscenter

  4. Zonar_ow says:

    I have to believe that the only people that don't want disc golf to grow and take inspiration from golf are the people that can't go 2 hours in a tournament round without getting high and smoke on the card.

  5. TheSkully_ says:

    Great episode! I was nervous about Hunter not being on this weeks ep, but I’m glad Jordan Spieth was able to step in and talk with Trevor!

  6. BenNarNar44 says:

    It hurt how bad konnor was at the jomez game 😂I guessed the white whale! Only cuz that was the only year I went in person and go back to rewatch just for nostalgia

  7. I’m thinking that post produced will be a part of the dgpt membership with maybe like first round free

  8. CADE says:

    I think that 2019 R4F9 worlds just happened to blow up. That’s the video that got me into disc golf. I finally guessed something right in Trevor’s trivia

  9. Brody Nelson says:

    You havnt needed gatekeeper, ace run, gk for a year or two already they all have already ventured off tour coverage and more so do their own YouTube content. Don’t see them just disappearing, terry would have been gone years ago because jomez but he stays in his lane.

  10. Make the OTB Open a mixed tournament just this one time.

  11. jaymaker99 says:

    I have personally watched 2019 worlds final round a dozen times.

  12. dave palmer says:

    I have played "ball golf" for 35 years. Pre Tiger woods era.😂 the pga has been doing things for a long time and the dgpt has a very good blue print on how to do things. some people seem to dislike that disc golf is very similar to golf, and purposely try to make it different so its "not the same" i get we try to be unique, but ive seen disc golf resistantly become more traditional golf, because they have tried and paved the way into what they are now. It would be a much easier path to just learn from them, and take their ideas that work. Its funny people still say "2 down" vs "2 under" from people who dont understand golf and we still say it. If disc golf grows and we get match play events, that terminology will have to change to traditional as well. 2 down is the same as 2 back. Trailing by 2 strokes. "2 under" should be the standard.

  13. anyone know why there’s been so much lag getting this on spotify lately? i feel like it’s been almost a day later than the youtube video the last few times. lot easier for me to listen at work in my ears that way. idk the ins and outs of running a podcast but i don’t see why it can’t be uploaded to spotify the same time it’s uploaded to youtube. please correct me if im wrong. love what y’all do

  14. E.R.I.C. had a tent and was handing out sunscreen at WACO this year.

  15. Saynightnite says:

    You guys should become girls and join the FPO division

  16. Time after time one quite important thing is left out from post production discussion. If e.g. PDGA stops post production, they lose probably about 95% of the European audience.

    I know only few people who watches live coverage after midnight. I have watched a live round only couple of times in past two years. One ended at 2.30 am and the other one after 3 am.

    How many are willing to pay for DGN if they watch recorded live coverage the next day? Probably not many.

  17. Got to love the Gannon Buhr news drop of him finishing out his contract and the lawsuit is over the day after the Gripped lock release dang the luck

  18. Set 42 says:

    Post coverage has been very helpful for me because I literally cant watch live coverage bc I am always busy

  19. imopen2 says:

    I see two (I’m sure there are many more) reasons why revenue is down. When you get into disc golf you buy a bunch of discs to try out. Once you have a bag, you only need to buy maybe a few new discs a year to maintain. With inflation and lots of layoffs, people are trimming their discretionary spending across the board.

  20. The golf comparison talk is annoying. Golf has billions and billions more dollars. The boxes on 17 probably cost $20k for the weekend. Wells Fargo probably paid $50 plus million to be the name of the tournament. Ticket sales per day were probably in the $5-$10 million a day. And that course is crazy exclusive. To have a house in Quail, you probably pay $200k minimum for HOA and club dues. I've always heard that Dr suess has a house there

  21. Eric Dixon says:

    Pretty sure the ones that will listen to over an hour of disc talk will be the ones watching hours of coverage. 😂🤣🙃🤪🤠😇🤱🤷‍♂️👯‍♂️🤾‍♂️✌

  22. N S says:

    I was a jomez patrion for over a year. I just didn't get value out of it.

  23. curdit9 says:

    You're sticking to this take on eventually delaying post produced release dates. That will absolutely kill post produced and destroy that fan base. I can't see how that could possibly make financial sense.

  24. Brett Dumas says:

    My local golf course pays approximately 105,000$ per year for someone to be their grounds maintenance coordinator, they take that shit serious

  25. James Moudy says:

    Sad this isn’t on Apple podcast. I noticed a lot of the time not all your podcast make it onto Apple 😱

  26. Eric Dixon says:

    Let me buy the pro tour. I got about tree fiddy?

  27. Eric Dixon says:

    I dont sub anything but would a jomez "pro" subscription

  28. HaikesXO says:

    Does everyone forget you can rewind post produced coverage and rewatch only a couple hours after it ends ?

  29. Matt says:

    Nothing but love and appreciation for Jomez. It introduced me to so many awesome players/characters and destination courses. If live takes over and post produced becomes an after thought, the disc golf world is losing so much. Live is fine, but it’s lacking. The drama and storytelling is totally stripped away. And the quality just isn’t there. It’s sad that there is also discussion of avoiding courses with dense woods if it affects live coverage, which is a massive L.

  30. a Mic inside the basket

  31. It really comes down to the economy and disposable income. When food and gas costs are skyrocketing it’s tough to buy alot of disc’s or support your favorite company

  32. They can either keep post next day and charge money for it, or eliminate it. If they push it back several days, far less people will watch it and it simply won't be worth it to produce. Also, why can't they make money advertising on jomez post? More viewers should equal more advertising dollars. I keep hearing this narrative that live is where advertising money is. Why? What products are being advertised that need to be seen right now? None. It doesn't make any difference if Halal Guys adds are on live or post. What matters is views and jomez is where the views are.

  33. Youniverse says:

    konner is the worst its so painful

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