The DOD KING Fitting at the TaylorMade Kingdom | Part 1 DRIVERS AND IRONS

A fitting for a KING. The DOD KING gets fitted by the LEGEND @trottiegolf at the TaylorMade Kingdom. Drivers and Irons PART 1.

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24 Replies to “The DOD KING Fitting at the TaylorMade Kingdom | Part 1 DRIVERS AND IRONS”

  1. john T says:

    Man I’d just do the double mini drivers. 11.5 at 9.5 and then the 13.5 at standard. Those numbers play all day hitting it straight.

  2. Kurt Rule says:

    This was incredibly entertaining, awesome fitting.

  3. Dudes too stubborn what a waste of trotties time

  4. Leo Serdar says:

    Love to see you right at the end!!

  5. Sorry this is disrespectful for the fitters. I understand dod but they have a process. The only reason no tee cause you know its overall BS. Clearly a 3 wood is the club.

  6. Not the toothpaste!

  7. Great stuff. Can’t wait to see part 2!

  8. Ronnie Nuara says:

    Some ppl would say that showing us this much behind the scene is killing the character but I think you posting more full content like this, is the move and personally I think you’re dope broski

  9. One of the coolest and most informative videos on club fitment period! To the weekend warriors, My guy didn’t chunk not a single shot and all I heard was consistent numbers in the 300 club.

  10. Michael Geha says:

    Having this guy watch me hit balls is my personal hell. 😂

  11. REEKAH says:

    Fitters always hate hearing “let me show you”

  12. Let's go brother. Get some Pro-Am experience with Grant and BryanBros and you'll be tour ready in no time.

  13. Wow. Respect bro!! They are sick numbers

  14. Hunter Short says:

    This video was fun

  15. Ryrodrums says:

    This was killer! gotta love the DOD king staying true to his thing. But now he's the MDOD king

  16. I'm offended by how many teas are in this video, The King has spoken.

  17. Cars Cav says:

    Bro his face when you’re hitting your driver😂😂

  18. Whe you meet Tiger, make sure you wear the shirt that doesn't have toothpaste on it. Lol

  19. Glass Jar says:

    315 with a mini driver is fucking crazy. My mini driver hasn’t been touched in ages I can’t even hit it further than my 5 wood

  20. Off the tees, you’re in the trees. Off the deck, you’re gettin a check

  21. brain wilson says:

    Trottie treated this kid like his dad

  22. Karl Jameson says:

    Are these yardages carry or total? Both are impressive but Carey would be insane..

  23. 315 off the deck is actually wild. Was that the TM burner mini driver with a ventus black driver length shaft?

  24. mattylou1969 says:

    I would not care if you hit it off a tee. Honestly who really should. Have your youtube channel and use all the tools available to you when you feel it.

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