The Easiest Driver Tip For A Smooth And Effortless Golf Swing

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The Easiest Driver Tip For A Smooth And Effortless Golf Swing

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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    23 Replies to “The Easiest Driver Tip For A Smooth And Effortless Golf Swing”

    1. For The Boyz says:

      The tucking of the elbow and pointing the pit of my elbow more out rather than down has REALLY helped me come inside. Also, it added power, felt like I could get into the shot. Love it Clay!

    2. Max McCoy says:

      I've watched dozens of videos & this is the one that truly fixed my swing

    3. Liane Taylor says:

      Always great advice!

      – Your 1st student 🙂

    4. Alan Curren says:

      Nice swing. Ty. Going to review that.

    5. James Xu says:

      How far should I stand from the end of my driver? Always confused about that. Can you address that please?

    6. Mike Jones says:

      The thumbs downers of FREE instructional videos are the fuckin worst…Great stuff as usual Top Speed crew.

    7. PapyGolf says:

      A bit out of puff, Clay? 😦

    8. Greg Frank says:

      Clay is a Great instructor

    9. Great video Clay, love your content.

    10. Charles Choi says:

      The best instructor. Thank you for your videos.

    11. Jeff Nahass says:

      Thanks coach. Hitting it so much better.

    12. Kridian01 says:

      Don't crunch the ferris wheel. 🎡

    13. bdiddy8239 says:

      This is what I’m struggling with when I’m out on the field. Does this apply to iron swing as well?

    14. Phil R says:

      You're the greatest man! Love your videos. Often forward them to friends who are struggling.

    15. Jeff Miller says:

      Hi Clay, it looks like you are saying to pull back the club with your right hand and keep the left arm passive in the backswing? In the downswing, are you pulling with the left arm or pushing with the right hand? Thanks

    16. John Bak says:

      Great tip. As the clubs get shorter 7 to sw I have trouble keeping the left arm straight leading to a flipping of the club face causing week impact . Any suggestions?

    17. After watching one of your videos I went out to the range and was hitting my driver 250-260 and I’m only 100lbs and 5’4”

    18. If I could replicate anyone’s swing, it would definitely be Clay’s. The guys has such a pretty swing.

    19. So im looking into getting fitted for clubs ,does shaft length come into play??

    20. Added the shot tracer, that’s awesome…. I’m a top speed golf system member and i have to thank you so much for the improvements in my game.

    21. Jeremy Kent says:

      Clay, you’re videos have shaved at least 10 strokes off my game. Thank you my good man. 😎

    22. Robert says:

      You're the best!

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