The Good Good Championships – Day One!

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22 Replies to “The Good Good Championships – Day One!”

  1. David Keese says:

    Was that Ben Hadden in the back while you were talking to Matt Kendrick

  2. Evan says:

    Bros leaving his wife in the dust when he's walking around 😂😂

  3. This is no doubt awesome, I relate to the round trust me haha…BUT PLEASSEEEE let’s just drop some soothing background music or anything elseeee! Trust me the round was amazing still brotha 🔥💪🏼

  4. Nick Meurer says:

    That’s the German national anthem playing in the background 😂 love it !

  5. Matt Kendrick was so down to earth which is great to see. I was shocked to see he seems to be uncomfortable on camera himself but what a nice guy to talk with you the way he did and the fact he was willing to make sure you got a sleeve of the Good Good branded golf balls shows how nice and down to earth he was. Great video Nate, keep up the good work mate 👍

  6. Brian Defore says:

    Get me your address NATE and I’ll send you a new driver cover

  7. Lose the music during your rounds bro. 😬

  8. Last thing we need is good good hacks tearing up our golf courses.

  9. Bignugget says:

    Amazing video bro, just don't like the music on repeat over when you was playing but other than that very good video

  10. Now that course looks tough! Well played for us mere mortals🔥

  11. girls team says:

    A little overly excited. Please do let people talk. Probably hard coz having your blog where you do all the talking but you’re in big leagues now of being media.

  12. Hahaha dude was rattled

  13. Total simp move bringing the women with

  14. Congrats on this bro. This is awesome.

  15. swankHD says:

    Whenever I travel with my clubs I wrap my irons and take the heads off my woods and driver. Put them in a pelican hard case, and have the heads in my carry on. Usually just hit a good will for a cheap bag and toss it when at the end of the trip

  16. Didn't mind the music at first, but by the end it was driving me crazy. I think you should either cut it way down waaaay lower in the next vid, or just lose it altogether .

  17. Ask a question and allow the interviewer to talk.

  18. Tell us when we expect to hear results and how they will be released. Maybe you will ask in your next interview?

  19. Chris Vela says:

    Man I do not know why I smiled the whole video. Related to the whole thing.

  20. Steven Kaas says:

    Yeah, that's BS. You're a fanboy. Rewatch yourself bruh.

  21. I met Rich Froning at a event at WIT in london, he came and introduced himself like I wouldnt know who he was… (hes my crossfit GOAT)

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