The Good Good Cup Is Back.

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32 Replies to “The Good Good Cup Is Back.”

  1. Bruh how did aj and Garrett get paid together…. they're both way too good to be teammates lol

  2. The best team to ever come out of any challenge is luke and steve 😅 but the format for all these videos are juts brilliant 👏🏻👏🏻

  3. old mcdonald says:

    it's amazing how often they plan a shot that they can't pull off

  4. old mcdonald says:

    way to complicated. i'm not smart enuff for this

  5. He looks fast. 🏃

  6. Love the into of Ben Hadden 😂

  7. Nice to see Matt laugh it off after a bad shot than getting mad and quiet

  8. Derek Tuba says:

    This is the Matt I miss. Having fun again

  9. Nick says:

    Bubbie Goatee

  10. Cade Capps says:

    Take that bud light sign down

  11. Steve hates golf. Can’t convince me otherwise.

  12. ThyMrSir says:

    Not going to lie, not a big fan of Ben. Good golfer but bad attitude. He just comes off weird in all the videos he is in. Don’t like the vibe.

  13. Dylan Lee says:

    Ben and bubbie are just relatable

  14. B Ho Ching says:

    Love when Matt is more vocal and engaged in the video!! He’s back yaya

  15. Dan McCarthy says:

    Kwon and Steve are the best thing to come out of the good good
    adjustments 😂😂

  16. Team Dookie Shart as to be the best team name ever 😂

  17. SL1CK says:

    Ben and Bubbie are my favorite duo. Perfect mix of sarcasm and positivity

  18. OneOceanOn says:

    I was doing I could to like Ben. He is one of the most unlikable guys I have ever seen. I am thinking about not watching anymore.

  19. Matt seems back to his old self in this, has and always will be the funniest member

  20. Jordy Martin says:

    When is the summer drop?

  21. So you're telling me that I'm a month older than Ben…?!

  22. sam wise says:

    Where do I get the hat scharff and bubbie have 🔥

  23. RV-oilution says:

    If you’re on the same team, wear the same shirt 😊

  24. GalaxyGamer says:

    GUYS Make bucket hats

  25. wru angel u says:

    Ben and bubbie pure comedy

  26. Sy looks as crazy as Si acts

  27. Andy Weldon says:

    Steve has just given up

  28. Blue Moon says:

    At a 1:13:30 that is a Gyro copter and yes they are sketch.

  29. Luke Bigs says:

    Love seeing Matt look happy and enjoying himself!

  30. travis says:

    No one is going to call out garret for always picking the best partner for all of these challenges?. Its usually always unfair

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