THE GRINT APP Review! – Track Your Stats – Golf Test Dummy

THE GRINT APP Assessment! – Track Your Stats – Golf Test Dummy

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Monitoring your stats for every of your rounds of golf is an enormous key to chopping strokes. Your emotions about the way you performed, what you probably did properly, what you underperformed at. and many others. can mislead you, however numbers and math by no means will. The Grint app is a GPS, stat tracker, scorecard, and networking instrument on your smartphone. On this video, I evaluate the free model.


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    11 Replies to “THE GRINT APP Review! – Track Your Stats – Golf Test Dummy”

    1. Chris says:

      Since it is GPS, can the app log where you hit the ball at each shot so that you can see the location of each of your shot in the map once you are done with a hole?

    2. It looks like the real deal but I can't get past my age signing in.

    3. I am using since Y17. Now a pro member.

    4. Kyle Goodwin says:

      I think it is good to have for a mid handicap golfer. If my yardage is in question, then I am just looking to get safe or hit the green and I think that GPS is close enough in those regards.

    5. John Holden says:

      Me and 35 of my friends have been using the Grint for a few years and it works great. Yardage is accurate and it has resolved a lot of issues when it comes to 💵 games. Great review!

    6. Chris B says:

      Great review! I’ve downloaded the Grint. Your swing looked good. What swing was that RSS or JV? My two guesses. Lol

    7. GolfWhores says:

      Just subbed man thanks for your hard work. We’ll take all the tips you’re willing to share 👍

    8. Should have hit 3 wood 3/4 swing should go 200 +yds ,for 250 yds out.

    9. swardmusic says:

      Its the go too gps imo

    10. me and the boys have been using grint pro for about 2 years .. we all get whs official handicaps which is great and the start tracking is pretty damm good especially when you get to compare to your friends . We all have gps watches or other gps devices we use that are more accurate than the grint ,.
      what i have found is the grint gps is good for:
      1. courses you have never played and need that flyover type look
      2. if you forget your garmin or other gps device
      3. if you dont mind the app being 3-4 yards off the real number ( does a decent job )
      4. if you dont mind your battery dyeing down about 35% for a round ( when you use the gps and scoring)

      overall its worth every penny especially if your serious about your game ..

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