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The Jeff Cameron Show for August 29, 2022 contains FSU Football, FSU Duquesne Reside Speak and FSU LSU on Warchant TV. #FloridaStateSeminoles
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    3 Replies to “The Jeff Cameron Show | FSU Football 2022 | FSU Duquesne Recap | FSU LSU | Warchant TV”

    1. I feel as if, I am Anne from the movie, "Misery," yelling, "He didn't get out of the cockadoodie car!"

      You all have missed the OBVIOUS!

      Primarily, because of the "same" thing that has tormented FSU for the last few season…it's O-line!

      Look guys, the O-line made some horrific mistakes, torrid fundamentally-stupid mistakes, that each of you missed, primarily because we had three exception RBs, who were systematically able to overcome it, and let's NOT forget we were playing Duquesne, who is NOT LSU, not even a little bit!

      Like you all, I enjoyed the victory, the performance of all four RBs, but this game had a subtle weirdness about it, as if it was a ruse.

      What I mean about that is, it gave us the impression that "WE WERE BACK," and I obviously don't mean back to FSU's dominance, nor championship ways, but back to being a team that "ISN'T"a national dumpster fire.

      "A business-like approach," to quote an ESPN crew, who spent an entire damn segment talking about chicken nuggets vs boneless wings, of all thing. But, that's ESPN being ESPN!

      Go back and watch, FSU's O-line maintained, but they made some mistakes that were easily missed, because of the collective performance of what I believe is the second best RB trio in all of college football.

      But, if the O-line doesn't immediately correct those obvious errors, instead of having three RBs to surpass 100 yards each, they may not collectively get 100 yards, against a LSU team, with a bigger, stronger, faster defense than any team, we may see on our schedule.

    2. barry ripley says:

      My man Ira, using the 1995 pic 🤣😂!!

    3. Mark Bosler says:

      Classic JC overreacting to Johnny Wilson. That was clearly not the most uncomfortable catch youve ever seen Cameron. Come on man!

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