The Magic Move in Cam Smith's Putting Stoke | Film Study | Golf Digest

Cameron Smith is the ultimate magician on the greens, and his putter is his magic wand. In this episode of Film Study Golf Digest’s Luke Kerr-Dineen breaks down subtle mix of mental and technical movements that have made Cameron one of golf’s most elite putters.

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26 Replies to “The Magic Move in Cam Smith's Putting Stoke | Film Study | Golf Digest”

  1. mac moore says:

    636 y o o o o o o o o o o o o o 🏄‍♂️

  2. Jothkell says:


  3. Jothkell says:

    this is really top notch golf content

  4. I adore watching Cam putt….and this is a great breakdown.

  5. emptysea113 says:

    quite interesting …. will have a go …. in my own unique way…

  6. I'm so stoked to watch this video.

  7. FUMMBOGG says:

    nah its the mullet

  8. Its one of the reasons hes such a pleasure to watch. Keegan Bradley et al with all the practice strokes, tics (twirling the club head) are so boring and irritating to watch. Its entertainment lads – nobody watches it all goes away. Saw Bradley win recently and it was wholesome (nice guy/family) but I want to jump off a building waiting for him to hit the ball.

  9. What about hes putting grip

  10. My favourite golfer hands down. Great video.

    I think you should have talked about his grip though. It looks so natural and relaxed.

  11. all I know is Cam was en Fuego down the stretch at the open… he just came out and won it. Amazing.

  12. powder says:

    Ok ok I’ll bite and Al the question: how can Cam Smith not line up his left dominant eye with the ball? I mean he wouldn’t line it up with his right eye even if he was right eye dominant so what the heck does that even mean?

  13. Tim R says:

    I’ve never heard a worse voice for VOs

  14. Cam Smith not taking practise strokes works for him, but Tiger Woods takes practise putting strokes and he won 15 majors so it's different strokes for different folks….

  15. I started using his putting style with no practice strokes and just taking long looks before you take that finally stroke. But I think most important thing i think is remembering to be in the right alignment and pace everytime you are going to take a putt. It has helped me so much eliminate those bad 3 or 4 putts

  16. Javier Salas says:

    Cam Smith who? Who is he???? Where does he play???? Never see him on TV????😅🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  17. SeekingGreen says:

    I get the Zalatorises in my putter takeaway

  18. Speed, read, alignment, good contact, what could go wrong? Even the best in the world ? almost 2 putts per hole average…

  19. I'm "stoked" about this video!

  20. Markus Hayes says:

    Love that putting stoke!

  21. Ben Wilson says:

    Cam smith is a great golfer to replicate your game after. His playing style is so straight forward and simple. Thats why he is one of my favorite golfers.

  22. North Source says:

    Don't care about any LIV golfers.

  23. Brinhas says:

    never been a big believer in practice strokes while putting myself. after he won the players i started taking long looks over the ball and its helped quite a bit. gives you a moment to relax and get the cup to feel larger. as soon as i look back at the ball i go. love your videos m8

  24. Sean Cook says:

    Must be an Ozzie thing. I also don’t take practice swings or practice putting strokes. Just look at the hole and allow it to happen. Not that I play or putt like Cam but I am an Ozzie! 😂

  25. Nice to see the champs style with his stroke. Thanks for the video.!

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