The MOST FAMOUS golf course in the world! #Break75 Ep10

Can I BREAK 75 at The Old Course St Andrews?


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Hi I’m Rick Shiels, welcome to my channel RickShielsPGAGolf. This YouTube channel is designed to help you play better golf, also to help you enjoy your golf more!

I specialise in golf club reviews, golf club unboxing, golf club news, golf club head to heads, and all about golf clubs.

I also want to make you play better golf by providing coaching video on all topics about golf, how to fix your slice, fix your hook, help you drive the golf ball longer, hit your irons more pure, hit your irons closer to the hole and help you draw and fade your golf shots.
I will also help you lower your score by chipping better by stopping you duff and thin chips, pitch the ball closer and also create backspin. Also I will provide you help to putt better and hole more putts!

On this channel I also make fun and entertaining golf content based on crazy and sometimes “gimmicky” golf clubs. I like to cut through the marketing hype about products and I like to give you the honest truth about golf equipment.

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    39 Replies to “The MOST FAMOUS golf course in the world! #Break75 Ep10”

    1. JackRT3 says:

      St. Andrew's is beautiful- the original and the best! It plays long but it's very forgiving with wide fairways and huge greens. I can't stand these North American courses with narrow fairways, tree hazards planted in the middle of fairways, huge water hazards, miniscule greens and illegal flag placements. The Scots know how to build courses that bring out your best golf and don't try to mess up your game and sap your confidence.

    2. John Bascom says:

      RSG could you please give the irons you use for your approach shots to the greens.

    3. aronyak1 says:

      Bold move to play inside an F3 tornado.

    4. I was browsing your videos and found this one. I’m going to Scotland this summer to play at st Andrews I can’t wait!!!

    5. So jealous, well done.

    6. TN Tate says:

      What a finish to what had to be a very memorable round. Outstanding! We’ll done Rick.

    7. Bro misses the hole completely and says he left it short bud your a joke

    8. ali boulton says:

      how much was it to play at st andrews old course

    9. MrEvaaansss says:

      Did you make a video playing with the old clubs you bought in saint Andrews?

    10. I was there last week and played Ladybank and Royal Musselborough but on the Saturday we just drank beer in the jigger by the 17th and chatted to those approaching the road hole and watched them hitting it over the hotel.
      Played the putting green and just soaked the place up and what a day…what an iconic place … I was nervous just drinking beer there.

    11. Absolute best golf videos on YouTube. Never stop Rick! Thank you!

    12. Why doesn’t he play like this with the pros? 😂

    13. Shaun Ball says:

      Great finish with a birdie friend. Wish I could have been out there with ya!

    14. Eric Walsh says:

      Nothing like another commercial 1:08 into the video…😬

    15. Steve Fisher says:

      Rick is your podcast on apple podcasts?

    16. Robert Ryle says:

      Wow, what an incredible experience. How many times did you just have to stop and say “wow, this is it I’m here”

    17. I love your videos but i have one question. So they allow you to park your trolly on the green and on the tee?

    18. You were so close to breaking 75 at the best course of all time, your driving let
      You down Rick. You just need to concentrate on driving

    19. john11222100 says:

      I don’t understand the such high praise this course gets. I get the history and the golf community vibe that the town adds to it, but grading it on pure course design, there are lot of holes in the middle that seem pretty vanilla. There a much better lynx style courses in the uk as well.

    20. Rick turned into my Mexican Golfero Brother at the 7:25 mark 😀

    21. Jasen Leith says:

      Rick just glued to the round, I was nervous for you on those putts…
      Enjoyed it very much.
      Just come home aScotland tour ti include playing the Jubilee…. what an experience that was…!!

    22. Ever since I started watching Ricks videos I find myself wating for the first excited "birdie" lol. "We Gotta tap in fuh buuuuuuudeeeey!"

    23. Dave Guhde says:

      Awesome trip around the Old Course. Well played. Brings back great memories of my one round there.

    24. Bob Fred says:

      From the camera angle, ur putts look so off, coz i see it flat, but i play and know how hard it really is

    25. Nj Mallrat says:

      I celebrated in unison with you when you drained that birdie putt on 18. Same arm pump and all!
      It was a miraculous round and I am enjoying watching you play.
      Keep up the great work!

    26. Sharpee says:

      Ricks putting has always been good. Even current videos his putting is really nice.

    27. One of your best vids

    28. Stuart Lee says:

      Hi Rick. Great channel. Love the battle videos against the Pros. What cameras do you use. Your video quality is extremely well done. Thanks!

    29. You can feel the dream come true. So good.

    30. Ross Stewart says:

      It's called a bridie innit

    31. larrybud says:

      take the wedge out of Rick's hand and the boy can score!

    32. “Liked by tigerwoods “. Humble brag. Nice.

    33. I'm late to the party, but great round Rick

    34. Very good golf by Rick Shiels, breaking 75 ….. enjoy watching this one

    35. Mark Hersch says:

      My new favorite Rick Shiel's video! Well done, mate!

    36. Fuz Capp says:

      Love the sly musical reference to Chariots of Fire on the 18th green. 🙂

    37. Fuz Capp says:

      The wind is insane! You can see it pushing Rick's putts!

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