The Most FORGIVING Drivers In Golf!

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    32 Replies to “The Most FORGIVING Drivers In Golf!”

    1. I should have made this clearer ➡ Callaway also has the Rogue ST Max (the one in this video is the ST Max LS) which they say is their "most forgiving" driver. In testing, I didn't find much difference between the Max LS and the Max except the LS was slightly longer with seemingly no difference in dispersion on off-centre strikes. So I think the ST Max LS is the better for most golfers 👍

    2. Andrew Wolf says:

      It is hard to get rid of the stigma
      When I was a junior if you had Titleist you were a gamer or rich. You had Callaway you were consistent and if you had Ping you could shoot 72 or 92 any given day like myself 😂
      And it was true in the 2002-2010 range. The Ping i5-i15s were so easy to hit that it made a 15 handicap have random 77 rounds but those 92 rounds still showed up because you can’t change a swing with clubs. But these days you kinda can
      Also Titleist didn’t make easy to hit irons and many of the drivers like 983 – 985 days and prior were hard to hit. Ping G series drivers super easy G5 maybe it was and then before that was the Callaway Big Bertha 2
      Then Callaway Bertha irons were so big

      It was crazy

    3. A hickory driver technically contains more carbon than these

    4. The Strata Ultimate driver is ultra forgiving, despite its simple and unassuming design, it's so easy to take a relaxed swing and watch the ball soar at least 180 yards. It's also nice and upright to help that slice off to the right that plagues so many golfers

    5. I sprung for the Rogue ST Max LS this year and love the thing. I'm a high handcap and have started finding fairways like crazy. Now, if the club could just cure my yips on forced carries off the tee I'd be all set.

    6. I'd love to try the G 425. I have the SIM 2 Max now. it's good

    7. Looks like people r getting messages from scammers pretending to be peter finch in the chat offering gifts

    8. Hi Pete. I've got a random "text ne for a giveaway" type message in reply to a comment. Got to be a scam, no?

    9. KL says:

      I play TSi3. Heard TSi2 is more forgiving but it just doesn't suit my eye. I did hit a golf buddy's Rogue. Looked and felt great but was shorter than the TSi3 by 15 yds. TSr3 or 4 in the fall is my next demo.

    10. Didn't you do this 5 months ago? No new driver has come out since then

    11. Knew it had to be a Cally. I've heard good things about the Cobra F9 as well.

    12. Tyler Palmer says:

      I'm now playing the LTDx LS and I find it to be very forgiving. It is very long even on off-center strikes. I'm so happy with it. My miss with it is now just a light fade. My old Nike was a consistent left miss with the odd snap hook. Square up the LTDx and it is dead straight and super penetrating. Love it. It also launches impressively, even dialed down to 8 degrees.

    13. Best unbiased vid, I like

    14. Riley95 says:

      Rogue max LS doesnt have a nice dink sound but if its gonna reduce the swazz on the slice 👀

    15. Captain Nemo says:

      I like the TM M6 a lot. I have it at 7 degrees loft which makes it a bit more twitchy, but its still very forgiving

    16. Aaron says:

      I am an amateur golfer and I went to a Calaway fitting and the Rogue Max was magic. It changed my game. Just switching to 9 degree loft from 10.5 added 30+ yards to my drive. I just could not believe how well I was hitting it. I went to a scramble last week and drove over 300+ yards on a par 5 and shocked everyone (including myself). (I am over 50 with a bad back.) This was in a beginner scramble league and I have only been playing less than a year. I started last fall. I love this video because someone as well known and respected as you to confirm what I found to be true for me as a beginner makes the $549 price tag easier to swallow. I told myself I was not going to buy any new clubs until I learned to get better at golf but I couldn't sleep for 3 days until went out and bought it. (It improved my game that much.)

    17. Tested the Ping G425 Max at a club fitters; it did no better then my G410 Plus (with an after-market fitted shaft).

    18. Kevin Maxted says:

      I whud love to have a ping g425

    19. As for me, I just using a complete sets of 90s Wilson's(not even Wilson Staff) Tour Limited edition 😁 which it is enough for me, and,.. the driver is just below 400cc clubs 😅. Still, rockin it 250++ yards.

      P.s: Pete, would be a great appreciation for any modern driver from you sir. 😂

    20. Sim2 max by far my favorite driver

    21. I played Titleist drivers for years switched to g425 lst this year and I’m driving it better than ever.

    22. therealdilon says:

      There are alot of different shaft and loft options. How do you know which is the best without getting fitted for a driver?

    23. The original Taylormade M2 was the most forgiving driver I ever hit.

      I have the Maverick fitted with a different driver and I added 20 yards any decent strike is good.

    24. Any chance of a review of the pxg 0811xf gen 4? This is at a really good price point….

    25. James Walton says:

      Iv hit the max and the max LS and the normal max is definitely more forgiving.

    26. Mark K says:

      new driver or quality lessons…I vote quality lessons. I hit my old 20+ year old Adams Titanium 365 as good as any new drivers…why? Proper lessons. Just my 2 cents worth.

    27. Ben Barratt says:

      Continuity…Legs out for the close ups!! 😂

    28. Mr Finch , enjoying your content . I have recently watched the “dropping of the iron “ video . Tried it and it’s great . But when I try to create whip in the swing ( I want more power ) I hit the ground before the ball . Can we have a video please. 👍

    29. TommyPauker says:

      Have been fitted with the Rogue ST max, and it performs exceptionally well. I have to put in a really bad swing to loose the ball left or right. Won the longest drive in my recent tournament. It's now my favourite club in the bag.

    30. Over par says:

      Rogue. End of. No debate.

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