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In golf, we love to boast about how we govern ourselves. But what happens when no one in your group knows the rules? Golf Digest breaks down the most misunderstood rules in golf for you.

[Narrator] If you knock the ball off the tee when
addressing it, the stroke counts.
So long as you weren’t making a stroke,
just re-tee the ball.
You still haven’t played your first shot.
If you hit a shot you know is in a water hazard,
you can hit a provisional ball.
Your only options are to play the ball as it lies,
or take a penalty and proceed under the water-hazard rules.
You can intentionally stand behind your partner’s
putting line as he or she makes a stroke,
especially in scrambles.
You can’t intentionally stand on or near a spot
behind your partner’s line of putt.
But you can look at your partner’s putt
from the other side of the hole, at your own risk.
You can remove an out-of-bounds stake,
or take relief from any course boundary,
if it interferes with your next shot.
Things defining course boundaries are deemed to be fixed.
You can’t take relief without a penalty.
Stakes marking water hazards, red or yellow,
can be removed if they interfere with
your stance, ball, or swing.
A golfer who is off the green must play a shot
before any golfer who is on the green.
During play of a hole, the ball farthest from the hole
plays first, no matter where it’s located.

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The Most Misunderstood Rules in Golf | Golf Digest


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    9 Replies to “The Most Misunderstood Rules in Golf | Golf Digest”

    1. CVC says:

      Actually, under the new rules, it is totally legal to hit a provisional

    2. Does anyone else want to slap that stash off his mug ?

    3. Jack Masters says:

      How hard is it to get decent golfers to make videos like this

    4. Mr. UNLIKEU says:

      Dumb video without revealing the actual rule book # even though what is stated is true.

    5. alice fay says:

      mustache looks awful. shave it

    6. ZubbyBubby93 says:

      dude needs to shave the caterpillar off his lip, good god.

    7. You forgot the rule no grounding your club in the bunker

    8. TrustLM says:

      that isn`t all correct sorry =(

    9. Bara Dániel says:

      Cool video! It's important to know the rules and play accordingly.

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