The one driver tip that WILL FIX YOUR DRIVER – golf swing lessons

The golf tip that will fix your driver swing forever. This golf lesson will help you deliver the golf club to hit longer, straighter golf drives.


6 Replies to “The one driver tip that WILL FIX YOUR DRIVER – golf swing lessons”

  1. WordClouds says:

    This is the correct advice. You have to hit down and forward into the direction roughly at a right angle to the target line – not in the direction of the target line. It is not only a question of loft, imo, but also just right in terms of physics.

  2. Matt Forst says:

    What is meant by no loft 2 feet behind the ball?

  3. Tim Hillier says:

    Why make it so bloody complicated? Shoulders, arms and keep legs and feet planted. The hips will take care of themselves and hit all the way through the ball. It’s that easy.

  4. this changed my game… thank you

  5. Rick Turpin says:

    You make me want to play better golf.

  6. My driver kills me. But I won’t leave in bag. Send u 59$ if u fix me

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