The Pandemic Ruined Lawn Care: A Hot Take, Unpopular Opinion

This video will talk about how the pandemic ruined garden care. For those who like a sizzling take and unpopular opinions, this one’s for you. For those who get butt-hurt simply, get outta right here quick.

Repair an unpleasant garden quick! Tremendous Juice is not the savior. –

This channel’s movies share DIY garden care suggestions for the common house owner seeking to repair an unpleasant garden or keep a pleasant one. Whether or not you are a newbie or skilled, you may study methods to have the very best yard on the block with out spending some huge cash.

I am a husband and pa who loves his household and his garden. Gotta look after and handle a finances for each.

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    32 Replies to “The Pandemic Ruined Lawn Care: A Hot Take, Unpopular Opinion”

    1. Will Ward says:

      My gosh. Every video you make it is more and more like we are kindred sprits. The last couple months I have started thinking wtf am I doing with my yard trying to make it look so so so great. These guys online are ignoring their kids, have absolutely no life, they’re mowing every 48 hours or even every day! And recommending everyone else do that too! It’s crazy! I told my wife the other day, it’s a freaking yard. I have pulled myself back recently from the dark hole you talk about and have just been trying to have a better than average yard. Keep up the great work my man!

    2. Randy Hopper says:

      Good for you. Tell it like it is. I have been out there every year banging around in the yard. And you are correct it can be overwhelming. We get greedy. The better it looks we want more and more. I am with you. My lawn gets a lot of complements and I should be ok with that but it seems like I am subconsciously searching for one more complement. But no more you have opened my eyes and I am going to move on with the status quo and be happy with that. Thank you my friend and keep up the good work.

    3. It would have been nice to distinguish between "doc" and LCN. Yes, LCN has products however he's never pushy especially on YM products. He literally breaks down all products pricing. If anything he pushes other companies products but isn't sponsored (I e milorganite). Doc is a douche. I've learned a lot from LCN and this channel even though I have st Aug. I feel like the motto of each channel is keep it simple and enjoy the mow and enjoy your lawn.

    4. Tim Jackson says:

      You made the grass factor burn and return “Joe knows Turf”. Matt said to reach out so you can go on the show. They didn’t fully understand your meaning behind this video because they didn’t watch the entire thing but. You will see.

    5. BUt your channel is not fun at all…like never…

    6. I fell into the rabbit hole at first or some would like to call it the "cult" The 'old man' you speak of is nothing but a Florida salesman selling overpriced fertilizer. I saved almost $800 not following his plan this year and will continue to do so. Thanks for the video.

    7. TPACK says:

      Preach on Brother. I have thought the same thing about the same people you hinted about. It`s all about the might buck. Stay true to your roots my friend. 👍👍👍

    8. TN Hawkeye says:

      Travis I watch all of your videos and I absolutely agree with a lot you say but I think you missed the mark on this one. I’ve been following you since you first appeared on TLF. During the pandemic you went from a manual push reel to a gas powered reel. And you loved how the lawn looked. Yes you didn’t push either of the products but you went beyond the average homeowner that you are now speaking to. You fell down the rabbit hole but were able to grab the surface with both hands and pull yourself back out. I feel like you lost yourself for a bit and now are getting back there. Again I like your channel and what you say but the guy mowing his lawn with the non self propelled rotary mower is closer to you now than the guy mowing with the gas powered reel mower.

    9. Ross says:

      Man the carbs get me every time. Lol

    10. TofuInc says:

      I truly dislike the product shilling that goes on with the YouTube community. It's interesting how many fall for it though. If you look through r/lawncare or any of the lawn care forums there are constantly people posting about how they've purchased and are using those products. Many of the products are just repackaged / re-branded products with a custom label. The science behind the products is the important part. Knowing how and why a product works enables your to more specific in your selection, save money and save time. FWIW the carb comment does have some relevance, that's part of knowing the science. But on the other hand it's been so hot and dry this summer not everyone wants to spend the time and money watering their lawn. I've spent quite a bit of time and money this year so that next year the lawn will basically be on autopilot and me and the kids can spend more time using it.

    11. Hell, yeah, I'm in! Thank you for this video. I actually unsubscribed to most of the lawn community after every started selling and promoting their own products. A lawn will never be perfect. And that's just fine in my book.Thank you for keeping it real!

    12. KMCGmom says:

      I had a beautiful lawn as a new homeowner. Beautiful front yard that is but then TrueGreen came and did something now I have crab grass everywhere so hurt!

    13. Carol Keller says:

      Love how you teach lawn care. You have trolls. Ignore them. I enjoy your videos.

    14. John Holmes says:

      I listen to some of those 3 hour, golf course lawn, Friday night podcasts…on Saturday while I’m working to help pass the time. I even used to like the videos and tips from a lawn NUT, but even his videos are sparse now and mostly pushing products. $70 to mail me a 50lb bag of fert, no thanks. I’ll save my money and I prefer the delivery guy not to hate me.
      I watch and do enjoy Jason Creel’s videos and have learn a lot, but he even tried the long question podcast format and it was horrible, but at least he’s not pushing any products.
      Seems like once the marketing gets involved, the original reason for tuning in goes to the wayside. They need to get back to the content, not pushing products. That’s the original reason we all tuned in to start with. I get they desire reward for the hard work that they put into youtube, but I don’t believe marketing was their original motivation. The minute that motivation switches to cashing in, it’s honestly hard for me to keep from cashing out. KEEP BRINGING THE CONTENT, that’s what we’ve always been here for. The rest just feels like an abusive relationship where one of us is getting taken advantage of…

    15. Hey Travis, man am I glad I stumbled upon your channel. New homeowner and got neck deep in all of these sponsored youtubers with products that are 10x the price of normal products. Really enjoyed and appreciate a simple approach to lawn care. Your yard looks great and this is now my goto yard channel! Keep the content coming. WPS

    16. I’m in. Thanks for keeping it real.

    17. Man your advice has been super helpful. I'm glad you aren't listening to the know-it-alls. My yard already looks 10 times better and all I've done is fertilize, mow and water. Thanks for all the content keep up the great work.

    18. This man firing shots at them all!

    19. John Barrett says:

      We all decide on where to put our time and effort’s, whether it’s working in our yards, working in a shop doing a hobby, watching our favorite team for 2+ hours our playing 18 holes of golf for 2-3 hours – to each his own 😉

    20. Great video Travis! I can kinda relate to the video myself. During covid I upped my game a notch and my lawn did look a lot better. This year due to less time I scaled back on the inputs in the lawn and guess what? My lawn still looks good! I love how you relate it to golf too in the video

    21. Sean Smith says:

      You know I have to really sit and think about your latest garage sermon. It’s clearly a mystery to me about what is the point. No matter how much we agree about not needing special products or magic tricks I still wonder what is the point of all this? In the amount of time it took you to edit this video and shoot it in your garage you could have turned a sprinkler on to water your drought stresses yard. You’ve said your an educator but you made fun of the term carbohydrate which is simply a sugar or starch and how a plant stores energy in its roots to stay alive but you seem to be unaware of basic plant function and biology. You used golf as an analogy but it’s ironic because golf is a sport that men spend thousands of dollars buying equipment and paying greens fees and hours away from their family day drinking to chase a plastic white ball on multiple acres of manicured turf. I can’t figure out if you’re just trying to justify why you’re letting your lawn go , or if you can’t figure out where you went wrong but you come off as a person preaching to bring others into some new cult of grass apologists or haters

    22. Dennis says:

      Love the rant Travis.

      Awesome looking Razorback polo, we were pulling for them last night against A&M. Tough lost in Jerry’s world.

    23. Preach it brother Travis. I’ve taken that hard stop back this year

    24. All I can say is PREACH!!! Great video!!

    25. Ray Turner says:

      #Truth !!! I am definitely a born again COVID19-inspired lawn enthusiast. Definitely follow some of the "clowns" on YouTube. However…. my little suburban lawn is now in the 1% of awesomeness. OK, you're correct. Hi, my name is Ray, and I'm a lawnaholic…

    26. Bob Shelton says:

      Hey buddy, I have been mowing lawns – large lawns – since 1958 and I still enjoy it, for many different reasons. I have watched several different lawn care You Tubes and sometimes also enjoy them. Of course, a lot of those folks don't have a clue as to the biology that goes on under under that turf! I almost always QUIT WATCHING them, when they start peddling products. If anyone wants a real challenge – move to Texas and try to keep a "golf course lawn". Some years are green, some years ain't so green. It is really no big deal. I am blessed to be able to still do it every day.

    27. Peter Triano says:

      Love this channel….I have a cool season lawn and this yr I did less! Less fert, less inputs …..just mowed a lot and water and my lawn looks better at cheaper costs. All this bs about dethatch liquid, liquid aeration, blah blah blah.

    28. Amen sir 🙏🏻 there are some who have taken it too far! Have fun, don’t tear down, encourage and help. Buy what makes sense for you and at the end of the day be proud of your work 😅 keep the authentic content coming 👍

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