The point shot build (Tape to Tape)

Tape to Tape demo on Steam:

This video came from my stream on May 4th, 2022. Catch me live from 9AM-2PM PT every weekday here:

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20 Replies to “The point shot build (Tape to Tape)”

  1. RJ Beefy says:

    That McShaggy clearance at 27:42

  2. Sam Nieder says:

    Is it broken up into 40k space marine factions for anyone else or just me?

  3. Redwolfjo3 _ says:

    average Tape to Tape W lets go

  4. Meanwhile im getting absolutely destroyed on casual. Fck this game

  5. 0:571:26 you're sat behind a egg at the cinema

  6. Jaaben says:

    29:22 just made me spit up my drink, the way he loaded the shot, killed the opposing player, just for her to wake up and fart. too good

  7. Chloe Crockett is hot

  8. Atom Knight says:

    Would be fun if to make the zebras harder they call offsides and icing only against you lol

  9. Watching this compared t o Dredge is an insane difference, I thought he was catathonic bald man, but he's actually a pogged up bald man.

  10. 39:50 Gawain Garetski is SUCH a good pun holy shit.

  11. Just started watching NL but his banter is legendary, unmatched

  12. El Banco says:

    I just realized the "Lifeless Branch" relic is a Slay the Spire reference to the Dead Branch.

  13. arciks11 says:

    28:16 To add to that "Business as usual" Canadian mentality.

    When Latvia finally beat Canada during WC hosted in Latvia in 2021 with a 2-0 shutout, it in Latvia was a VERY big deal (Last time Canada played a WC in Latvia they destroyed us 11-0). Latvian fans celebrated the occasion by going to the Canadian embassy and placing flowers there. Embassy's staff were good sports about it.

  14. Joolsy B says:

    "Oop, squeeb" – Northernlion 2023

  15. Fafafooey says:

    This game is hilarious

  16. How on Gretzky's green earth is he better in expert mode?

  17. Stray says:

    "Just the megatip, just to see how it feels."

  18. geebster says:

    These are easily my fave NL videos. Hope he plays it more. The commentary and gameplay is superb

  19. WHALE BOY says:

    The game against the refs was beautiful

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