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Pro’s secret chipping technique | REAL GOLF

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In this video we will be looking to show you how Paul chips around the green and the clubs he likes to use. I will also step in to talk about a slightly different technique that also may be able to help you with your game.

Thanks for watching, please comment on the video if you have time.

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    1. Simon Thorpe says:

      Keep coming back to Paul's tip! Reminds me of Dave Pelz technique! Main thing, it's simple and it has helped my chipping game loads

    2. Simon Thorpe says:

      Do you both advocate slightly open stance to almost preset position at address? Then take club straight back along shoulder line not open feet line?

    3. Simon Thorpe says:

      Reminds me of the Dave Pelz chipping video! He delofts 8 almost to 5, treats it like a Putt. Love the idea, one simple thought too!! Another great vlog guys

    4. I'm in the 'use different clubs' camp which is dependent on the situation and shot required. That way I'm keeping everything the same at set up just putting a different club in my hand which will give me the shot I need.

    5. Howard Jones says:

      There are many factors which you have to consider. Up slope versus downslope, how wet the fringe is, the contours of the green also and your confidence and skill set. For the mid/high handicapper the key thing is to not waste shots, so a little 7, 8 or 9 from even 15 yards off the green may get it to within 8 feet from which we have a good chance to hole a putt or take 2 putts at worst. The trouble with loft is that the leading edge gets introduced and in our efforts to be precise we can end up chunking it and not even getting the ball on the green or having a twitchy stab and blading it through the back. Sometimes the chunk and twitchy stab happen concurrently as our confidence evaporates like a politician's promise. You are then looking at a potential double or treble bogey and worse, now fear your next greenside chip. Unless you are proficient and practice often with loft around the green, I would say use these high tariff clubs sparingly or when only absolutely necessary.

    6. GONADSable says:

      Paul technique is old school set up
      With the pw always works for me
      Chip with one club ,I agree totally

    7. Seve Sellors says:

      Great video will try some of these ideas.

    8. Elvin A says:

      Do you calculate air time and roll time say with a 46 or a 56 deg wedge? Assuming green is relatively flat.

    9. thanks guys, for the chipping tips, as for as the less lofted clubs I will still use a 7,8,or 9 when I`m far down hill from the pin. As far as putting from off the green I never do unless it is as smooth as the green and that goes for long puts up hill or down hill, above the hole it`s my 54 or 58.

    10. TheBigEasy says:

      I'm a wedger kind of guy, whether it's a PW, SW or LW depending on the situation and always have been.

    11. Please please post a similar video for bunker play, before I ruin more decent rounds with my inability to escape bunkers every time.

    12. Karl Doughty says:

      So good these videos simple no frills from a quality player bye bye 8iron 🤣 love the vlogs but also these r so good hopefully lots more all the way through the bag 🧐

      Happy 40th dan your trip looks so good how did you find hoylake i preferred wallasey personally

    13. KingMatt27 says:

      Hi Dan, I’m a relatively high handicapper (18) so have, what would be classed as, game improvement irons. Therefore I have and use specialist Cleveland wedges for around the greens as the large “helpful” irons are no good for around the greens as I have no feel and they shoot off the club face far to quickly that I have almost no control. I mostly use my 50 and 54 degree lofted wedges

    14. MattyO says:

      My strategy is simple. I have three chip shots from my 56 Vokey … (1) low-runner (that back in your stance, de-lofted shot Paul was playing), (2) mid-normal (ball middle of stance, minimal shaft lean), and (3) high-soft (ball forward, reverse shaft lean). That covers all my chipping needs and it is easier to practice using just one club. But when on the fringe, I use putter nearly every time.

    15. Bang on. I use the putter whenever I can and then I always use my 56 degree for anything around the green. I've always felt that by using one club that I'd be much more consistent than if I used many different clubs for different situations.

    16. Ronnie says:

      this new series is so great .. simple teaching and a great look into the minds of really good players

      Dan, I dont know if you do request videos or whatever, but one thing I would love to see is a video about aiming. For instance, feet/shoulder alignment, where to point the clubface at address, is it slightly open or square, trying to start the ball on the correct line, etc.

    17. Cinnamon Mon says:

      In fairness Dan I think this method is for a skilled golfer like Paul. The back in the stance, hands forward doesn’t work for me at all, all the bounce is taken off and leading edge can dig in, sometimes get lovely strikes but all too often the chunky monkey.

    18. Chris Norman says:

      I use a 58 for everything and change lofts by moving the handle forward for chipping and bringing it back for higher shots. I used to have a lot of problems with digging but besides moving from a 60 to 58 degree I worked on the angle of attack to ensure I was brushing the turf not coming in too steep to remove the digging and hitting behind the ball. Weight forward 70%, hips at setup slide as forward as I can get them to help shallow the angle of attack and ever slightly open stance. Use the same technique with bunkers, chipping, flop shots just change the handle angle and width of stance. Taken 5 stokes off my index this year. Its the biggest improvement in my game by far this year.Got the idea of sliding the hips forward while working on stack and tilt. I am basically trying to mimic the strike position of a full shot its just a mini shot but the club bottoms out in the same place nearly every time.

    19. ReaverWall says:

      Very interesting video. I think in these kind of situations is that one maybe needs to find just what works for them as a shot like is more about feel it would seem. I tend to actually point the toe down bit to prevent the club from getting stuck in the turf at any point. I will maybe experiment with this, who knows might be another tool in the box for my golf game. Love the content!

    20. Alan T says:

      I'm guessing I might be the only person using a 1986 Wilson Patty Berg sand wedge for this sort of shot, sits nicely next to the Mizuno wedges in the bag… 35 years and I won't get rid of it… Ultra reliable!

    21. Andrew Natt says:

      Great video, very useful, many thanks

    22. Andrew Natt says:

      I tend to only use my putter or 46 degree wedge for chipping. As I'm a member at Saunton, its nearly always my putter 😉

    23. Putting stroke with my 60, 56, 52 or pw for me – working a treat at the moment. Just need to stop missing greens by so much to get my score down.

    24. I once read in an article about Ernie Els that he chips predominantly with the one club and he changes the loft depending on the type of shot needed. I adopted the same technique with my 58 degree wedge. Helped my chipping alot.

    25. John Sadler says:

      I used to chip with an 8 iron (blade) but lofts have gotten stronger over the years so I pretty much use a 48 deg wedge. I agree with Paul … the newer clubs are pretty hot off the face and I find I only use them when the greens are quite wet. 500mm of rain in the past few weeks qualifies as wet 🙂 Paul's technique is the easiest to learn and is reliable because there's no need for wrist hinge (my opinion). I learnt this method 53 years ago.

    26. Rob Mayhugh says:

      I LOVE this series of videos – thank you Dan and Paul. I've been using a 45* chipper, just to get a more consistent feel while I transition to the same shot using my 46* PW. These videos are so sensible, and are dealing with real, actual scoring strokes on the golf course. Thank you Dan (and Paul). If I were in the UK I would be wanting to schedule an actual live lesson with you.

    27. Bob Macek says:

      I used to use a an 8 but kind of got away from that in favor of a PW. I find that I chip OK with a Flatter club than a 52 or 54. That said, these are always good lessons. They make you think and make you practice different ways. You never know.

    28. I almost alway chip with my 56º and de-loft as need if I’m trying to bump and run. I’m in total agreement with Paul on just figuring out a single club and playing a couple different chip shots with it. I’ve recently started experimenting with a bump a run with my 50° wedge with some success. But that’s it…I’ll just those 2 wedges and mostly by 56°. Great video.

    29. rohit pratap says:

      I used to practice use putter all the time but found that judging the amount of backswing was more variable than a putting stroke with 7i, when there is a slightly fluffy fringe

    30. Paul Edwards says:

      I tend to chip with a 54 mainly.. As Paul said, I feel confident how it is going to come off the face.. Sometimes if I have more room on the green, I go to my 50, as well as 58 if I have less room.. I try to use what Alex Evans/Paul Waring talk about on their channel about seeing what the in the air to roll percentage is and use that, i.e. my 50 is generally a 5 paces in the air results in 5 paces of roll, etc..

    31. I do exactly this, 48 degree PW for almost all chip shots from around the green to maybe 20 yards off. And the same PW for everything from 100 in. I´ll occasionally switch to 9 iron if the greens are slow and more run is needed, but it works pretty well for me.

    32. pilquin says:

      I just tried the putter grip plus back in the stance with a 52
      Feels so natural as if I should have been doing this forever !
      Thank you 🏌🏿‍♂️👍

    33. Wanderer says:

      Such a good new series, I changed from 8 iron to wedge chipping last year. I think what Paul said about getting one club and getting used to that one club is spot on and great advice.

    34. I use multiple clubs for pitching – 58, 54, PW & 9i depending on the trajectory I want. However not sure I agree with Paul's technique – Paul is a great ball striker, for us lesser mortals, wedges have bounce on them for a reason, use the bounce

    35. Pete Hedrick says:

      How would he play a short pitch and run, would Paul go to a 58 or open a 54? Clean lie about 15 feet from the green

    36. Ivan Camphor says:

      I thought using the sole of the club and a out to in swing around the green with the ball in the centre of your stance was recommended

    37. Bandit Baker says:

      It all depends upon your skillset, if I used Paul's technique I would be afraid of digging the leading edge of the wedge into the turf.
      Personally, I either use a wedge and utilise the bounce by having the ball more in the centre of my stance, this way I don't need to be so precise about my low point. Or I use my hybrid and use my putting stroke. Both methods are pretty foolproof

    38. When I chip I usually practice and chip with my 54 if I need more height or lower I have a 50 and 58. 54 is always the standard then change loft as needed with same motion to keep it simple. Pitching wedge is only used for lower running shots basically play them like Paul. Nice chip in Paul keep that confidence brimming 🔥👍

    39. Tiger Tim says:

      Switched to a 3 wedge set up for this reason. More clear choice. 46F 54D 60L. Each has a v obv height and lie/ground suitability.

    40. Tiger Tim says:

      You dump the cobra irons Dan?

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