The REAL TRUTH about Choking Down on the Golf Club (PRO'S DON'T TELL YOU)

That is the actual fact about choking down on the golf membership! professional’s do not let you know this as a result of it makes your iron photographs too good to shortly! Sure the excellent strike with the irons You’ve got been trying to find! Do that choking down on the golf membership technique and the actual fact about it to hit iron photographs extra pout the centre, straughter photographs and with the ball then turf strike.

PGA Golf skilled Alex Elliott The REAL TRUTH about Choking Down on the Golf Club (PRO’S DON’T TELL YOU) Let me understand how good this makes you along with your irons as quickly as you have got tried this choking down technique

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    34 Replies to “The REAL TRUTH about Choking Down on the Golf Club (PRO'S DON'T TELL YOU)”

    1. Chocking down is so KEY have a go this weekend and let me know how you get on!

    2. Alan Goudie says:

      Thank you for another clear & very helpful video.

    3. Paul Knowles says:

      Mate, I'm in uk and been slicing for years on the range. only been on my 1st course last week and I was terrible as usual with teh driver. Couldn't figure it out. Then I got my whiteboard pens out (just now) only to realise that at 5.8 im at the bottom end of a Standard length…… i drew a few examples. My Angle of attack requires more precision as i'm shorter. the taller you are the less the angle is and the less likely to slice…..So then I cam to YT to look for examples and …………….you're the 1st vid nd you literally Nailed it…..Can't wait to get back on the range to try it out. Subb'd!

    4. Joe Myers says:

      In America we would call that choking up.

    5. tony beards says:

      👍tried this today Alex in a knock out match which I shouldn’t have done but worked brilliant. Shook his hand on the 12 hole get it in. Keep up the good work

    6. Everytime I choke down on the grip, i hit it thin… I prefer to control my distances shortening my swing based on the clock method.

    7. Jacob McCain says:

      I love practicing those low burners with the choke down especially with the wedges. I have a whole matrix of distances I hit different wedges with different clock positions, all the way down and choked down.

    8. Shane Powell says:

      Great advice alex. Your methods with the approach shots has really helped my short game lately👏👏can you help me with something…. Im hitting driver straight about 1 in 5 shots. Now I have a terrible hook going on and don't know how to fix it. Please help🙏

    9. This tip is amazing! Thanks for explaining it so clearly. Tried this out on my round at the weekend and made so much difference. Felt so much more in control and shot my lowest score ever. Broke 90 for the first time!

    10. Muchísimas gracias Alex por sus videos, llevo mucho tiempo viéndolos, tan solo una pregunta, sería posible ponerlos subtítulos en español? Nuevamente gracias.

    11. Roy Close says:

      Well done alex 👏 👍 more control when you choke down

    12. Zendukai says:

      Grip finger tightness, a +1 handicapper told me he (he's RH) grip tighter with the LH pinky, ring finger and middle finger, then with his right hand he grips tightest with his thumb and index on all shots. He was taught at a young age to do this and has won many club championships and at many different clubs. I tried this and I did feel lots more control. I always had a firmer grip on the right hand ring finger and middle finger, and the index was loose and like a trigger. I'll be using his grip for a while as this seems to work for me.

    13. I play around the grip to add or reduce distance, but also instead of a full shot, I will take an extra club, choke down and swing easy. But ofcourse im driven to spin the golf ball and what ever i said, i will not do myself🤪

    14. morne rudman says:

      I've been playing golf for about two and a half years. I managed to work my way down to a 8.6 HCI. Chocking down was something I just naturally done since I've started playing. And my friends will always say how good I am from 100 meters in, yet they don't copy the way I "choke down" when they play their pitch shots 🤪

    15. Hi Alex, I guess to sum this on up is the fact that some tour pros actually shorten their drivers by an inch just for greater control and consistency. 👍😎🇦🇺

    16. john olson says:

      Great tip from 80 or so yds in I have been missing left, I suspect this may help, thanks

    17. tldr2yLeader says:

      I absolutely choke down as a rule. That way I spend less getting out of the way of the shaft. Generally choke down on the driver especially early and add shaft length if I have a fairway with room for a high honking fade.

    18. Bath Man says:

      Great tip! I also do this on some of the longer clubs. Choking down on my 4 iron gives me a controlled shot to a 180yd par 3. Doing it on my 3 hybrid gives me accuracy off the tee or the 2nd shot when the fairways are tight..

    19. Beryl Wright says:

      have grip trouble because of difficulty with forefinger. any help

    20. Anthony Kim said long time ago.. you choke down ONE INCH on any club especially your scoring irons will.take 10 yards off any shot… works for me…

    21. fretless 5 says:

      Another interesting video, Alex! Thanks and keep them coming. I have a question regarding choking up and turf interaction. The club is designed (and/or fitted) with a specific lie angle which is supposed to engage the clubs bounce for forgiveness when the club interacts with the turf, particularly for wedges. How does making the club more upright, effectively flattening the lie angle, affect turf interaction and ball flight? We know that shots with a club that's too flat will go right, so would there need to be a compensation for that when choking up? Would we need to do something to keep the toe from digging in the turf? I get the idea of gaining control by shortening the shaft, but wonder how many variables we're adding; as a 16 handicap, I try to keep things simple and repeatable as much as I can.

    22. Mark Poppe says:

      Really great advice that I will definitely give a go.
      Played yesterday and one shot comes to mind. Par 3. I hit it high but short right into the bunker. The ball is so plugged all thats showing is a quarter sized piece. The ball is in the uphill portion and 2 feet away from a high lip. Any tips on how to hit from that kind of lie?

    23. Nice tip…will try it👍
      Another problem is, that i draw my wedges (full amd half shots) somtimes extremly… do you have a answer!? 🤔

    24. Bob Sicuro says:

      The 60-75 yd shot is hard to feel the shot. Without a plan..going to try choking down plus less back swing.. I'm guessing right now and not making the shot..
      Thanks going to give it a go!

    25. Jamie Sloan says:

      This works on ALL clubs, including driver, and even putter.

    26. Good tip on choke down shots, hey Elliott i have the exact same short backswing like Jon Rahm, im watching him finish his 3rd rd at PGA championship, my question is why does his ball go 320 yds and mines goes 230 yds, whats up with this bub.

    27. Jeff Nahass says:

      You figured it would be a natural thing to do. From my earliest years playing baseball, choking down allowed for a shorter swing creating better contact with less speed. You could also place the ball through the defense. Same principle with a golf club. Wendy days, 100 yards out, I’ll use a 7 or 8 choked to the metal.

    28. Alex you were right on the benefits of chocking down but there are not only pros but also cons ( which you did not mention ).Specially with long clubs if you chock down you lose distance.So yes to chock down near the green but for example with the driver only when you need a lot of control, in all the other cases I dont think it is advisable

    29. Gripping down can also help some golfers with ball flight. So please do a video on ball flight control. Thanks

    30. Blaze Can says:

      This is excellent. Thank you Alex 😊

    31. I occasionally "s" those chips and pitches. I do choke down. Am I too close to the ball?

    32. Courtney Roy says:

      Another great lesson Alex , thanks man, always a pleasure.

    33. I’ve been really working on a 3/4 swing. I’m trying to drop in just as the club is vertical. This just nailed my work. Thank you!

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