The Redemption of Corey Ellis

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00:00 Intro
00:25 Elevation Discs
01:03 European Open
08:01 The Future


10 Replies to “The Redemption of Corey Ellis”

  1. JamesJames says:

    Bleh, dont see myself ever pulling for CE.

  2. I'm confused by the announcers saying that Corey has been laying up all week, but he went for it? I thought you had to go for the green? How can you lay up and if so, why didn't AB?

  3. Reid Kemp says:

    Wife’s hand: collateral damage

  4. They say in the video it isn’t considered OB. Bunker rule hole, the strokes that don’t land in play aren’t OB, you just have to shoot until you land in bounds.

  5. Great video! Saw you did the disc preview at beals slough awesome course

  6. Rock Searle says:

    Excellent piece! Thanks!

  7. Cory's girlfriend at the beginning when he high-fives her hand 🤣

  8. Bubba J says:

    Damn AB is my favorite player and it was terrible watching this…

  9. Love it keep it up

  10. Great videos keep it up

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