"THE STREAM IS A SONG" A Story about a Golf Champion by D. JIMENEZ (2023)

As I arrived at this year’s (2022) Streamsong Belt Championship in Florida, the anticipation of playing on its links style golf courses filled me with excitement. The picturesque surroundings captivated my senses, with undulating hills, lush green fairways, and deep serene lakes. Stepping onto the first tee, on the Blue course, I felt a surge of confidence as I prepared to challenge the course. With every swing, I savored the crisp sound of the club striking the ball and watched it soar through the clear blue sky. The strategic design of the course tested my skills, requiring precision and careful decision-making. As I navigated the fairways and greens, I couldn’t help but to take in the natural beauty that surrounded me. The tranquility of the landscape, the group of Golfers, and the joy of the game melded into a harmonious experience. Streamsong Resort truly offered an unforgettable golf adventure, leaving me with cherished memories as the Streamsong Champion Golfer of the Year, and a yearning to return to its enchanting fairways to defend my Belt!!!!! AYE!!!!


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