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    1. Guy Hall says:

      Found a set of Hogan Ft Worth 15 hi launch (20*, 4-P) few months back…sexy as hell. Like Irish butter!!!
      LOL – I've combined a Lynx Black Cat Tour Bti 8* with a TaylorMade Tour Silver Ti stiff – THOR lives on!!!

      Sorry, margarita, IPA…another IPA…I'm kinda crocked

    2. Walter Cuzyk says:

      You are the absolute best the way you look out for us people that can't really afford anything brand new, the film you had with the three drivers one of them ladies at the same swing speed really informative,I I wish you had more films to watch can the average person send you a text message of their swing speed on camera?

    3. John Rice says:

      Got a new set of Srixon 785s when the new zx7s came out on deep discount. Some of the sweetest irons I've ever played.

    4. My friend bought a set of Ben Hogan Ft Worth 15 iron set 4-P for $300. They are amazing irons. Smaller head, but they cut through the ball like butter every time. Highly recommend.

    5. Goat Yachty says:

      Just me or does it seem like people are trying to drive up the price way higher for irons. There are so many old old irons selling for way more than they should be. I saw x22s going for $450

    6. #1 through #5 should be Nickent. Their 3dx, 4dx and 5dx iron and hybrid clubs are fantastic value for money.

    7. Michael Gumm says:

      first video I've seen from you and I enjoyed it. I like and subscribed. going to keep my eyes out for some cobras or srixons. I've played as a young teen got lessons had my mum caddy for me and learnt to play then just left the game for years maybe had a game or two every few years but nothing to improve my game. now I'm back on it watching golf playing golf researching everything about it and I'm a green keeper. I can play but not very consistent so this is why I'm after these kind of clubs. thanks for the video and I'll be watching more. good luck in growing your subscribers i wish you all the best.

    8. How do you feel about Bridgestone irons

    9. Ben Sykes says:

      I managed to get a set of taylormade psi for a great deal, these seem to go under the radar for some reason

    10. I picked up a set of cobra f6 irons from 4 to PW, with a f6 3 wood and a f6 3-4 hybrid and 4-5 hybrid for 200 pound (380 aud)

    11. Scott Chegg says:

      Honest, logical advice

    12. Scott Chegg says:

      Vicki Butler henderson with a beard

    13. Karl Dann says:

      Simon I have taylormade sim 2 max irons and they got handicap down to 16 and I want a players iron set but cannot afford the new models, I strike the irons well but I'm not fastest swing I play regular flex , I want and older cheaper but good quality iron ,What do you recommend please

    14. David Huynh says:

      Love your hat, where did you get it from?

    15. Great info on irons. I'm ashamed to say that I still love the feel of my Lynx Parallax irons I've been playing with for 20 years. I've tried others but always come back to my Lynxs. They're virtually worthless but I love them.

    16. I was a 2/3 handicap late 90's. Then quit for 23 years!! Using mizuno TP11 irons. Still got them. But what is out there now that's similar? I still can play single figures (just).

    17. D Du Plessis says:

      I'm a 3handicap looking for irons that I can work the ball with but i would like a little more help than a blade

    18. Tom G says:

      I picked up that exact Lynx VT 5-PW set last week, love them 👍 great channel.

    19. Johndct1 says:

      A word of warning on Taylormade M2 irons. I bought a brand new set late in the season of 2018. Early 2019, I caved in the face of both my 7 and 4 irons. I was 58 at the time and by no means a hard striker. Turns out the M2s had a manufacturing defect and Taylormade actually send me a set of M6s in replacement. Was really nice of them though as they bypassed the M4s and went straight to the newly released M6s free of charge. Loved the M6s and I imagine the M4s were just as good. That defect wasn’t general information btw. Had to do some research on the internet to confirm others had the same problem.

    20. Great video. I picked up the cobra Fmax irons brand new about 2 years ago for $299 I think.

    21. KOG says:

      In the game improvement area, I found a great deal on Ping Karsten 2014 irons.. They seem to get lost in the mix due to the old karstens popping up and I was able to get 5-uw for $200. Typical Ping G forgiveness and great feel on these.

    22. Damon Katos says:

      Is that your house in the background?

    23. I'm definitely a golf pervert 😜🤣. A golf sicko 😹😹. That earned you a subscription sir 👌🏻🏌🏻‍♂️

    24. Laine says:

      I got fitted and ended up with D7 forged. Can't reccomend them more. Felt so much better than the likes of T200s etc and still easy to hit draw/fades

    25. swardmusic says:

      Cobra forged tour irons. Money.

    26. Rob Breeze says:

      Great video Simon, debunking a lot of the nonsense about irons.
      Feel Orka irons are totally underrated and a steal secondhand

    27. Toon Lad says:

      Earlier this year I bought a set of M2 5-pw new from AG for £350…..surely that must be a decent deal🤔

    28. Hog says:

      Where’s your hats from yo?

    29. Absolutely bang on about the Srixon and Wilson, I have the 545 and d7 forged, both spot on and off 5 I’ve had the p790,i500,i210,Nikes,cobra tec and honestly only looks abs acoustics, there are some great clubs for far less but golf snobbery won’t let people try them

    30. erniebert1 says:

      Got the m2 brand new 5 months ago from American golf. Very forgiving clubs and only £450 brand new. Still selling them new now as they are the newer 2019 version instead of the 2017 original

    31. Jesse Hupko says:

      Ben Hogan PTx Pro irons are the best bang for the buck…. BEST Players and forgiving irons. New Hogans are half priced as the forged top other models.

    32. David Wilson says:

      had the lynx VT irons for 2 years. first proper custom fit clubs. my only real issue with these irons is that they had a super sweet spot. if you 100% hit them from the middle it could be a club diffrence, almost like a flyer. apart from that, great value for money

    33. Great video and very true on the brands you have suggested

    34. James Copsey says:

      No love for Cleveland. Got the UHX 5 thru PW. As my ego gets smaller. My wallet get thicker. Same as big names. Half the price. No Brainer.

    35. Ryan Higgs says:

      Lynx are so underrated, i play the lynx prowler tour blades, they are quality!

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