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In this video, professional golfer Sophie Walker takes George Stead, a HowDidiDo member, to get custom fitted at the PING Europe headquarters in Gainsborough, showing the process of a PING custom fitting and how much it has changed in the last decade.

This video is a must watch for anybody considering buying a new set of irons.

This video was shot in the PING Fitting Centre, at Thonock Park Golf Club.

Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think of the PING i210 and i500 irons and the PING custom fitting process.

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    27 Replies to “The ULTIMATE Ping irons custom fitting session! | Golfalot Equipment Feature”

    1. J Herl says:

      Why the heck would Golfalot waste our time fitting an ardvark like him. Too tall. Too much swing speed on and on. Make a vid with an average golfer size wise and ability wise. What’s wrong with you people.

    2. Greg Cordle says:

      I'm kind of at a loss with all this "data" we now have in the Golf industry. My clubs are old, Adams Tight Lies, which I bought in 2006. I just started playing again after a 8-10yr break. The course nearest my home has a few Par 3's, 180-189 yds. Well, I hit my 8 iron 180-195 yds a few days ago on the 189yd Par 3 and pin high on the other 2 Par 3's which are 180yds. I can hit an easy 7 and be pin high as well. When I look that up to compare avg yardage with irons, I'm hitting my 8 in the PGA Tour range (160-200 yds)? Hold on…lol Im 58 yrs old?? So I just dropped my clubs off to get new grips (still had original ones lol) to see if that improves my game. I also had standard grips and should have been using Medium size instead. Now, my clubs obviously aren't as "forgiving" as all the new clubs, but IMO, working on a good swing is more important than using any GII's. And the reason I say this is because if you have a bad swing, and use a GII, are you really fixing anything other than letting your bad swing be hidden by that shiny new GII (game improvement iron)? Thoughts…..

    3. David Riley says:

      Would have been nice to see the look on George's face after he picked up his new i210 iron set … !

    4. That has to be the best and most interesting "fitting" video that I've seen . Thanks to all 3 of you for your contributions to this video .So much covered in an edited down to 24 mins package . i believe i heard Sophie mention on the RS podcast that she has her own Ping fitting coming up . Look forward to that . Many thanks again .

    5. Sonny says:

      This is a very good fitting video – the best I have seen tbh. It helps its Ping too!

    6. touristguy87 says:

      10:22 you apparently didn't hear him say that he wants something like his i9s "but newer"

      "I know that you said that you like your irons but…"

    7. Was the entire test just with a 7 iron? Surely using the long irons like a 4i or 5i would have been helpful?

    8. Really good video! The ping fitting process looks bang on !

    9. Barry Emery says:

      IMO, the best fitted irons money can buy, had 3 sets now and have loved every set.

    10. HPXMirage says:

      Love your videos. Please add closed captioning so that we don’t miss anything! Thank you!

    11. Ping the clubs to make you better

    12. JSmih7 says:

      Question as someone who has never been fitted before. George has been used to playing with a Silver lie angle so it makes sense that his habits will force him to continue hitting as if the club is a silver until he has adapted, however during fitting when this shows they ditch the blue lie angle? When is the right time to try to set new habits?

    13. They could of used someone who was of average stature and speed

    14. Ron Ginnetti says:

      Thanks so much. Planning my fitting for the near future. This was great. Saw you on RS. You’re awesome.

    15. I love fitting videos. you and other mfg's have made it so available to us high handi-

    16. I have a question regarding chasing distance in relation to trajectory and set configuration. I hit my short and mid irons really high, but sometimes struggle with peak hight with my 2-4 iron. If I would go with stronger lofts on my irons and include an extra wedge and hybrids, meaning irons 5-pw and 3 extra wedges plus one or two hybrids. Isn't it generally speaking easier to hit a stronger lofted iron which is shorter?

    17. Great video of actual golfer getting fitted and not moving from one model year to the next … yawn. As a Ping guy who got static fitted in 2006 to G5’s and getting back into the game I wanted to see how fair technology had advanced. Got fitted, unfortunately not at the Phoenix facility, for a set of the G400 irons. Great to see a similar fitting here from the i10 irons to a modern iron today.

    18. Greig Cahill says:

      Does it cost more to have an official Ping fitting than American Golf & is the process and results the same?

    19. Neil Midkiff says:

      Great Video. Have old G3 Pings and getting new ones finally.. The Ping fitting process is consistent and reliable and with the new tech even better

    20. Best takeaway is how consistent the Ping process is over the years. And how well the color chart applies regardless of technology.

    21. Andy PNE says:

      Excellent. Got a Ping driver fitting booked in for next week.

    22. Excellent video. I was fitted 10+ years ago for the i10 and I’m still playing them. Was debating an upgrade to the i210. Thanks for the video. Well done.

    23. Ian masters says:

      I thought it was going to turn into a 70'S porn golf movie with the tash and the hair

    24. gjgjgjgj1100 says:

      Great video, very informative. I am a happy Ping player.

    25. another excellent video – thanks very much

    26. Really interesting thanks 👍

    27. I’m guessing an IT Manager.

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