The Ultimate Range Finder for Day and Night [review]

On this video I present you the Ultimate Range Finder Resolution that works at a click on of a button in each Day and Night while trying by way of your scope.

Scope Mounted Range Finder within the Video that works with Night
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    35 Replies to “The Ultimate Range Finder for Day and Night [review]”

    1. Steve Allan says:

      Don't forget to sign up for our Facebook Group where you can discuss all of my reviews –

    2. Interesting BUT I still dont see how it can be aligned to the scope cross hairs without some sort of connectivity, which there is none.!
      It would help the presentation if YOU actually demonstrated exactly with a rifle how to align the finder with your cross hairs

    3. Unavailable on all the links to Amazon at the moment.

    4. brilliant Steve cheers for sharing i will be adding this to my wish list mate

      have a good one

    5. _Wimza _ says:

      Shame it cant be side mounted

    6. Chris Chris says:

      Great review !! I have one question only:
      Does the ranging mode switch off automatically or it stops by pressing the button again?

    7. How can you line it up with your scope cross hair when it's offset so far, basically the range finder will only be zero'd to your cross hair at a particular distance, before or after that distance the laser from the range finder will miss what you're aiming at.

    8. English Bob says:

      Thanks for a great review I have one of these but your tip with 20yard target was very useful of out now if the rain has stopped to get it mounted.

    9. At what distance does this work

    10. Rob Winship says:

      3 years later…I’m looking at this range finder. Your thoughts now?

    11. kwastek says:

      What do you think about the version with laser pointer instead of iron sights? Would the laser pointer be helpful while aligning the range finder with a scope? Or are the iron sights reliable enough?

    12. Darren Fox says:

      Hi great video. How do you set it up without a nv sight and can it be used without the rat tail cheers

    13. Paul Otten says:

      Hi Steve could I mount that unit on a normal day scope and will I be able to see it or is it just for digital day night scope s
      New to this thanks in advance

    14. pehenryjr says:

      Great video! Question: Do think this will work on a 45 degree offset mount? It is a picatinny section that allows backup optics to be mounted to the side of rifle scopes

    15. David Ebben says:

      How do you switch from meters to yards? I lost my instructional sheet.

    16. I have one on a Pard NV008, works great side mounted on the Pard picatinny rail. Mount it on the side opposite to the bolt. Only disadvantage is you are reading the range numbers displayed sideways, but very easy to get used to. Not as nice as having an integrated Pard LRF, but a big plus is I swap it between different scopes & rifles, with different colour pen marks on the adjustment wheels, return to zero has never been an issue. A very versatile little unit!

    17. kirkvicar says:

      Steve. Are these still available in 2020? I was thinking of using this with a Pard 007? Cheers

    18. Good review, cool product. Thinking about this for use with my. 22lr, same trajectory issues as with air rifles but over longer range. Would this be accurate enough to range a rabbit at 150m? That's the max I'd probably shoot at. I read a review from an amazon buyer saying it was vague at 200 m, giving readings anything from 150-250m because the laser beam was to broad? Thanks.

    19. Looks interesting but can I ask, when you zero it you are zeroing at a specific range, and when shooting at a different distance to that which you've zeroed at, you're not going to get an accurate range reading?

    20. Vince Ionut says:

      Is £95 now on AliExpress

    21. Poppy Warner says:

      Steve is it possible to print a plastic housing for this unit with windage & elevation ?

    22. Is this still available or is there better around now?

    23. R2COM says:

      Does it really need to sit on my scope? If I have 15” piccatiny rail can I just mount it there upfront?

    24. 307 diesel says:

      You have the perfect stereotypical Brit teeth 😂

    25. Steve what is a minimum distance this rangefinder will actually work? 5 yards?

    26. Done all you demonstrated Steve, but rangefinder does not show the distance at all.
      How come yours shows it detached from rifle or scope? It should work right, as it is not connected in any electronic way to scope. I wonder if my brand new is already faulty.

      Steve any advise?

    27. Petani Tulen says:

      I don't see when you use it !!

    28. Hi Steve,

      I just saw this great video, but I as well ask myself how it should work with different distances.

      Because the bullet is not performing a straight line like the laser of the range finder is doing.

      So if I calibrate my gun and the range finder on 100 Meter, how it is possible that I hit the exact small target with my range finder and my gun in a distance of lets say 200 Meter ?

      It is avery nice toy, but from the balistic it makes no sense for me.

      Can you please explain.
      Thank you in advance

    29. Steve, does the flashing scare the prey? Also can you see the flashing without the scope. If not then maybe the flashing is in IR (Infra Red). Is it is IR what is its range 850nm, 940nm?

    30. So….. If you don't have a night vision scope, and you want to mount this to a conventional scope for daytime hunting, how do you align it with the crosshairs on your scope? Are you able to see the laser from the rangefinder downrange in dark conditions with the naked eye. I have an illuminated reticle on my scope that enables me to see the crosshairs in dark conditions. If I can visibly see the laser, then I can align it no problem.

      Just curious though. Because it seems like a MAJOR oversight if you need some sort of IR camera or night vision to align the rangefinder. Perhaps you've already answered this. If so, I apologize.

    31. Very impressive. I prefer this over what I was going to get, the YoYo.

    32. Bo Lorentzen says:

      Steve you thought about getting the paired laser for your ATN scope ? reach and tap one button on the scope and it automatically update the range from laser.

    33. Hi Steve
      I recently bought one of these second hand and had a bit of trouble trying to line up the flashing line with the crosshairs on my photon as it wasn’t visible with the camera on my phone or my iPad or the photon with added ir, however I gave it a try with both of my nv spotters and there it was so all is good, so to anyone having having the same problems as I had then use a nv spotter.Works perfect, great video and a great bit of kit.

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