The Upshot: USDGC Course Changes, MVP Open Wrap-Up

Charlie Eisenhood and Josh Mansfield take just a few listener questions concerning the MVP Open at Maple Hill, speak concerning the Million Greenback Shot, and get to the #PurseWatch earlier than diving into this yr’s course modifications at USDGC and Throw Pink. Are the brand new holes gimmicky or correctly difficult? They break all of it down.

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0:00 Introduction
2:40 Purse Watch
9:45 Million Greenback Ace Shot
15:50 MVP Open Mailbag
35:40 Winthrop Gap Breakdown

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    23 Replies to “The Upshot: USDGC Course Changes, MVP Open Wrap-Up”

    1. OB in landing zones is just another example of them butchering this course..

    2. Hole 13 feels like an impossible birdie for FPO and very improbable birdie for MPO. Feels like it should be a par 5 for FPO.
      I honestly don't mind most of these changes with the additional hazards, OB, and Mandos. Winthrop was already heavily artificially designed, it's kind of its identity and appeal to be honest. It's unique in that way and there's room for at least 1 course on tour like it. Excited to watch.
      Appreciate you going over the changes along with the caddy book.

    3. brian6speed says:

      Congrats to the men for taking down both divisions at MVP. Feminism is proving that the best women were born as men.

    4. Luna5x says:

      Why are we knocking lake eureka in this episode I think that course is pretty good, it’s not ugly and don’t agree with it being a rope fest

    5. PK KP says:

      Ricky is just whiny that people are more excited about Paul's win than his Points win. For one, dude you won by a single putt over an entire year. It's not like you ran away with it and were the clear favorite. Also like you pointed out, the dude signs 2X every time so clearly he cares about it until he thinks he's the number one player in the world but doesn't get to be called world champion. It's a very bad look in my opinion and made me not like Ricky.

    6. Hole 11 doesn't provide fair landing zones vs the distance and par. That combined with the fact that the unsafe zones are hazard, and not OB, will encourage big distance throws where the player hopes they get in. If that's the play, then it's luck and not good hole design. One big bomb off the tee, roll the dice, hazard equals a likely par, in bounds equals a likely birdie. Play safe and it's par or bogey. Why play safe?

    7. Hole 2 is a tweener hole now. I don't like it at all.

    8. The arguments about spectator and paywall pricing are valid, but they are sort of missing the point. The other side of the argument is that you grow the viewer base by keeping it cheep/free, and then outside advertisers WILL be interested based on viewer numbers (the only thing advertisers care about). You will never….ever….get outside advertisers without very high viewership numbers. It is pretty tough to grow the viewer base with high prices, especially if they box post production out of the game eventually. Which is the better approach? I can't say for sure but I'd say charge what you can get for spectators at the events but keep free youtube options to grow the viewer base to the point that outside advertisers are interested. Jomez grew the sport, not the DGPT. I tend to believe that DGPT/DGN will stall out on growing viewers once they box out post and get everything behind a paywall, and in that case there will never be outside advertisers. You can say 6 dollars for PDGA members isn't much per month but it limits you to pdga members. You'll never get outside advertisers with just pdga members watching.

    9. Winthrop sports management student here! Fun fact: the big fence on the baseball stadium is there because the stadium faces somewhat west, which means the sun shines towards the batters during evening games; I think it's there to block the sun. There is also a video board there, but it's not as big as the wall.

    10. I♥DiscGolf says:

      A disc golf ace actuator would be an interesting job.

    11. Alem Hanna says:

      Ya’ll got a Bogey on hole 9. Ob Played same way last year

    12. Jon Reid says:

      Where did Ricky "double down on saying the MVP is more important than McBeths 6 titles"? He said it means more to him, but when did he directly reference McBeths 6th titles?

    13. theochos says:

      Total vibes of NPR on the radio.

    14. I have to agree with Josh on Winthrop full stop. It's the most well-designed course on tour on the worst property on tour. My biggest takeaway from watching it is that a course doesn't have to look good to be compelling. Against my best wishes, it is my favorite tournament to watch every year. It's just so damn compelling at every turn. It's like the course was created in a lab to produce the most entertaining and iconic finishes possible. I think it's a prime example of limitations bringing the best out of people (in this case, the course designers).

      Losing Hole 13 (aka 777 aka 888 aka 999) is a big loss though. That always felt like one of the biggest separators. Eagle-able, but could just as easily turn into a double if players got aggressive and didn't execute. I like the new green idea, forcing player to be more deliberate about where they land their upshot, but I couldn't think of a much worse hole to put that on. The hole is so long that simply getting to the basket for birdie is going to be incredibly difficult. This should have been done to spice up a shorter, touchier upshot.

    15. Josh u are a nerdy dope and we luv you… but Ledgestone is Blah….
      MAPLE HILL is The masters for disc golf!

    16. Great response Charlie to that email about "ripping off" customers… it's crazy how people lose all sense of "context"… there's no free sports on TV unless you're getting over the air sports and that's limited.

    17. Steve Detzel says:

      Excellent USDGC analysis. Yes , the unmowed, rock-rimmed hazard (OB?) is a nice visual touch. If the grass was a few inches taller it would stop the rollers also, and save on dinged discs. But I’m sure you Eedaho boys can appreciate a reminder of your Rocky mtns

    18. Steve Detzel says:

      Player of the Year, or Most Valuable Player in most sports is interesting at best, and maybe a good subject for debate. However, only in MLB does it carry weight in Hall of Fame voting. And in MLB, election to the HOF is king. Disc golf HOF is too young and most inductees are unknown to the avg. disc golf fan. Sorry Ricky. Win a few more World championships.

    19. Steve Detzel says:

      Josh, it’s V(eye)bram Open, not Veeebram.

    20. CitizenX3639 says:

      I used to live in MN where i picked up the sport, how the hell do they not have a major in there especially this time of yr? The wind, the changing season its amazing and would be great for the sport. No lets go play the clown course thats just missing a Ferris wheel. If you have to add artifical non boundry ob and "mandatory" the course is shite.

    21. Kevin says:

      USDGC is the 2nd most boring tournament behind DDO. 😴

    22. madarenniks says:

      Is Simon playing at USDGC? I did not see him on UDiscLive.

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