This Course Costs $17 To Play | Michael vs. Muni

In this episode of Michael vs. Muni, I play the front 9 of Raymond Memorial Golf Club. Let me know what other Muni’s I should play. Make sure to leave a like and SUBSCRIBE it helps me out a lot!

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Only Playing Municipal Golf Courses – Michael vs. Munis


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    8 Replies to “This Course Costs $17 To Play | Michael vs. Muni”

    1. What are your favorite Muni’s from where you are from? ⬇️

    2. I've been playing a 9-hole muni in Alvin, TX called Hillcrest Golf Club. $10.00 to walk around once or $15.00 for twice, weekdays. One dollar more weekends and holidays. One par 5, four par 4s and four par 3s. The greens aren't bad. It's windy most of the time. A small lake, some other ponds and ditches in play on most of the holes. A couple of different sets of tees per hole can make it more challenging. Par 33 from a whopping 2592 yards from the back tees.

    3. Alex Brown says:

      I really enjoyed this. New sub for you.

    4. Looks like okay golf course in bad area

    5. Colton Green says:

      maybe describe what ur visioning before u hit so we can see what ur trying to do!

    6. "this will go left, promise you"

      goes right

      tale as old as time lmfao

    7. Royce Clark says:

      Like the video dude. You got a new sub 👍🏿

    8. Do you guys like these types of videos?

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