This Drill Will Fix Your FAT Golf Shots Forever

FIC IT FOR GOOD!! I promise you! LEARN TO LOVE chipping!! STOP the SCOOP, THIN & FAT SHOTS for good! You can do this from home

This TIP is so important for your golf swing and your short game apply it to all of your golf iron shots

You will be asking yourself the questions, HOW do i stop duffing chips? How do i stop the duff? How do i stop the thin? How do i create spin when chipping? what is the best chipping drill? I have the answer for you!!
This fixed a WEEKEND golfer instantly and turned them into a SINGLE figures golfer!! You have to bring this SECRET CHIPPING DRILL into your golf game to LOWER your scores and be able to CHIP like a PRO! Start creating crazy SPIN!!

NEVER want to duff and thin a chip again? This video by award winning PGA golf professional Alex Elliott is the key to this!

How do you improve your chipping FOR GOOD!?? well this is the answer and it is my most simple chipping method and tip ever!

Tune into today’s video, it’s a brilliant one

Alex Elliott Golf focusses on all aspects of the golf swing and using simple tips to help address those areas where amateurs go wrong. Daily tips are released and these short videos help to explain everything a golfer needs to improve their golf. A lot of these tips are proven to work! These simple golf tips have helped people to break 100, break 90, break 80 or even break 70! On this channel, we are here to keep things simple! Simple tips, with a positive attitude. We are not here to make your swing perfect, we are here to make small improvements that can make a massive change to your golf swing.

The daily tips for golf came around as I loved the positive feedback I was receiving, and knowing i can help golfers across the world means so much!

All areas of the golf swing are discussed to help you improve your golf, this is all about using the hips in the golf swing, swing plane, golf swing for irons, golf swing and fitness exercises for senior golfers, gaining speed in your golf swing, driver tips, golf swing basics, how to use driver, how to use all clubs in the best way, the best way to swing a golf club and the list goes on!
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    33 Replies to “This Drill Will Fix Your FAT Golf Shots Forever”

    1. What wedges do you carry!? Some thoughts in this video about how to set up you lofted area of your golf bag!!

    2. I regularly practice hitting wedges into my curtains at home (plastic balls)……….,.but that’s because I live by myself.

    3. Liam Jackson says:

      Really love all the insight in your video's after returning to the game after a 16yr gap,helping my swing alot (even in lockdown).keep up the great work and thank you

    4. Cleveland RTX4 – 48, 52 & 56.

    5. Mizuno 60, 56, 50, PW. 60 is my favourite club in the bag – hardly ever use the 50

    6. Gary Davis says:

      Maybe get some of those nerf golf balls and a golf turf mat? Good lesson as always, Alex! Great thought about 54-58 v 56-60. I’m about to get some new wedges and I’m puzzling over this very subject.

    7. obi one golf says:

      Cleveland CBX2 in 58 54, plus Gap and PW in gmG410 iron set… Really thinking about switching gap to CBX2 50 degree though

    8. Robbie 837 says:

      Cobra pure 50 and 54 TM Bigfoot 58

    9. Mike Wagers says:

      Kirkland wedges. 52,56,60

    10. Jon M says:

      Just bought a 58 degree Cleveland RTX 4. Can’t wait to finally get out and use it.

    11. Neil Taylor says:

      T100s irons so pw at 44°, then had an sm8 fitting for gapping 50, 54, 60, gives me the best gapping, 60° 04L grind for the summer and tight/firm ground conditions, and a 54° 10S for softer ground and bunkers 🏌️‍♂️

    12. Titleist AP2 PW 47, Vokey 52 and 58. Ideally I'd like new Vokeys with 52, 56, 60.

    13. Andrew King says:

      I practice your drills in my front room, unfortunately the rug might need replacing,but on the positive side I haven't hit the ceiling,great vid Alex 👍

    14. Cleveland RTX 56 and 62; also 50 from my set taylormade rocket ballz. I use 62 for short shots with little roll needed.

    15. Terry Brett says:

      Mizuno s18 50,55,60 pw 919 45 forged.

    16. Taylormade 58,54,50

    17. 003rog says:

      Thank you Alex. You are such a gifted instructor, and your videos always bring joy to my day.

    18. Hugh Eggler says:

      I carry Taylormade 52, 56, and 60. I agree, I could ditch my 60 as I don't use it much.

    19. Chi Kan says:

      Great video
      5-GW(50) 0211PXG,
      54/12 Ping Glide 3, 58/12WS Mizuno ES21

    20. Jim Wilson says:

      PW (48) and Gap (52) are Cobra; Sand (56) and Lob (60) are Wilson. I tend to use my 60 more often than I should. I tend to thin it.

    21. PXG 0211 4-PW & 50-54-58 Taylormade Hi-Toe wedges, 8 & 10 bounce.

    22. PW(46) – mizuno 919 hot metal
      50, 54 & 58 – cleveland rtx zipcore

    23. I use PW, 50, 56 and 60. Watching the video, I realised if there is one club I could ditch it's my 60. Hardly every use it. Leave it to Michelson! 🙂

    24. Beryl Wright says:

      Like. Well explained, brilliant video

    25. Carry a pw and 58 sureshot try to kiss lol

    26. Chris James says:

      another great vid alex just getting pissed off now with no golf not on when you can see football on and rugby and no golf rant over lol

    27. Cleveland RTX4 52/56/60. Like you, I’m finding the 60 is used rarely, next set will be configured differently.

    28. The slippers are back!!!

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