In this video, I bring you the recap of the court case involving the Disc Golf Pro Tour and PDGA and Natalie Ryan. The future of FPO will potentially change with this historical court case and how it resolves.

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43 Replies to “THIS HEATED MOMENT WILL FORVER CHANGE DISC GOLF! #discgolf #breakdown”

  1. Mr Dune says:

    Should have to play all sports via sex not gender. You can swap upur gender all you want, i don't care. But youll play by what you're chromosomes are.

  2. J zap says:

    billions of people; trillions of possibilities

  3. This shit is happening in disc golf to wtf 😳

  4. Jess Musick says:

    That's what ya get for bitchin

  5. Well, she's a guy soooo……

  6. There is a reason it's called WOMENS sports! Its for WOMEN not men pretending to be such! Play in the mixed group if you want to play, but keep WOMENS sports for that, WOMEN!

  7. Eric B. says:

    What the fuck is wrong with the world?

  8. Cryin 😢 Ryan boohoo

  9. He can play any event he wants as long as it's not a gender protected division.

  10. RichC says:

    Him. Natalie is a him. He is welcome to play with the rest of us, but the ladies play in their own division, without dudes.

  11. Brandon Hatt says:

    Stop saying her. That is a dude

  12. If you're not a biological female, you should have the right to play with biological females. Real women are important Fight for your rights. In sports

  13. Jason Parish says:

    So much for that…now FPO events are being moved in several events… I'd normally say Grow a pair…but…

  14. chefdsal1 says:

    I throw for fun. I can’t imagine suing for the right to play against the opposite sex in competitions.

  15. Wayne Wilson says:

    save woman sports from freaks!

  16. Darth Rubik says:

    Get him out and keep him out. Good riddance. Protect Women's rights and their sports.

  17. Brian Bell says:

    Stop saying she/ her! HE is a man

  18. Have to give it to her. She has some balls!

  19. Chuck Holt says:

    I looked it up…
    He’s a dude.
    And he still couldn’t win. Sad.😢

  20. Thanks to these Men ruining Disc Golf and the real FPO division. There are only two genders. MAN OR WOMAN. PEOPLE SHOULD BE UPSET BY THIS STUPID MADNESS. GREAT JOB

  21. Andrew Morse says:

    it's not about "fairness". it's about biological reality.

  22. passerby says:

    Natalie is so selfish.

  23. Show Time says:

    This guy needs to stop, just play with the men and get last place and accept it like a man

  24. Here's how you solve this. Let people play based on ranking, not gender. I'm not afraid to play someone who has the same ranking as me regardless of how they identify. What are you guys think?

  25. j2tus2000 says:

    This person is hurting the sport and the movement.

  26. Another mediocre male trying to get a leg up by competing as a woman, got it

  27. Jack Reagan says:

    If you haven't seen it, her lawsuits have ruined the FPO tour this year. Events are being moved, canceled, and payouts will likely be down due to lawsuit fees……

  28. MG OH says:

    The term, "she" is in his mind and apparently yours too. He can play in the Mixed Pro Open division until a Trans Female Pro Open division is created.

  29. Travis N says:

    When you get told your whole life that you throw like a girl…

  30. If I was a woman I would never feel comfortable having a trans in the same bathroom or locker room at the gym. They will always be men.

  31. It's messed up all female disc golf

  32. Now look what He has done…. they're eliminating FPO in the Regressive Dem run states

  33. Anonymous says:

    These freaks should be shunned from society.

  34. Big Saucy says:

    We need to work harder to protect REAL Female sport. Putting on woman face and take hormones doesn’t mean you are female. I think we have all been quiet /polite on this issue out of basic respect but it is clear they don’t return the respect when it comes to our concerns. All we are allowed is to endlessly “validate” them and the people are done pretending.

  35. 23f23 says:

    since men and women is too ideological these days, lets just make XY and XX divisions

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