This Is The MOST COMMON Driver Fault I See!

Nobody wants to give up distance from the tee but this common driver fault is costing golfers valuable distance every time they tee it up.

In this video I discuss the most common driver fault that I see and show how it could be costing you over 70yds in distance from the tee, the good news however, it’s easy to fix.

So if you feel that you struggle with this common driver fault then watch as I run through some simple steps to get you hitting the driver longer and more consistently that ever

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00:00 Intro
00:44 Demo of fault
01:05 Trackman data
02:08 The importance of delivery
02:36 The simple steps
05:34 the good swing
05:49 The new data

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    29 Replies to “This Is The MOST COMMON Driver Fault I See!”

    1. Colman says:

      Terrific tuition.

    2. David Jones says:

      Thanks for wasting 30 minutes of my life listening to your infomercial. Classic promise to reveal some secret and then don’t deliver unless you pay me. Can’t stand people like you. And it’s pretty bold calling yourself legendary.

    3. Awesome explanation of path versus attack angle. Moe Norman always started away from the tee just like your drill. This does work, and everyone should be aware that your stance will change with regard to a new ball flight. Awesome video. Thank you, Joe.

    4. Poor guy out there on the mower just trying to do his job. 😆😆

    5. Nice 👍 comment jime ho

    6. T-Rex says:

      Is that an app telling you figures?

    7. Len Langlois says:

      omg…Thank you Chris…..I can't believe it…I was shooting in the 90s with my bad habits game..200-210 yard drives slices…Now after this tip I'm hitting 240 to 250 with wind at my back 270 and straight give or take 10 yards either way….my last game I shot 83 and I'm 64 years old….Thank you so much….Head behind the ball ….I never knew

    8. Matthew Law says:

      I did this and hit some great drives but then started topping a lot, any recommendations to correct this?

    9. Chris, fantastic video! I struggle with negative impact angle. What device are you using that sends thew readings to your phone? Best, Peter

    10. Thomas Reed says:

      This is very helpful.
      I’am going to the driving range and put this exercise into practice. I am obviously approaching the ball at the wrong angle.

    11. Butch says:

      Dude talk slower!

    12. ron rubicon says:

      Now I need a new head cover. Mine is destroyed.

    13. Great info regarding attack angle….Im new at this and struggling ( like most) with this game

    14. I really like your point about the ball being set forward in the stance based on the center of your chest, as opposed to using the heel. I've put in a ton of work with my driver lately, and everyone always says "take a wide stance and line the ball up with your front heel". The problem is that if you go too wide, it becomes almost impossible to effectively shift the weight forward as your legs will be at too steep of an angle. What ends up happening in this scenario is you make contact with the ball while your weight is still closer to the center of your stance, and the club can't actually reach the ball — this results in topping it. I think your explanation promotes proper balance which is one of the most important things when it comes to golf (and especially driving). If we aren't properly balanced, we won't be able to effectively shift our weight and that leads to horrible swings.

    15. bob gunston says:

      Brilliant drill….can’t wait to try👍⛳️

    16. j fourie says:

      what is the app name

    17. thanks so much for you help brilliant chris ,thanks

    18. EB A says:

      Hey, I took this tip straight to the course and the last 3 days have been my best driving days of the year. All season long I would carry 190 to 210 and this trick brought those distances to between 230 and 250. I had no idea that launching my driver at double the height would give me such a big increase. Now all I need is actual practice which I think will increase that carry distance even more. So great tips!!!

    19. Roy Heffner says:

      What a bunch of bs. Nobody can gain 70 yards off the tee.

    20. Solomon Ngan says:

      Hi Chris, really clear explanation and good drill for the driver. Question, would the high launch and ball flight diminishes any roll out of the ball?

    21. AbleAnderson says:

      Fantastic video. Surprisingly, I’ve never seen this particular drill before, but I’m gonna use it today

    22. D Guy says:

      A front angle would be great as it’s hard to see exactly where he’s beginning his backswing. Is that 2 inches 3 inches behind the ball?

    23. sbf432 says:

      Great info! I've implemented this into my drives and I am stuck at 260 270. I feel like I'm crushing the ball 250 carry but usually goes completely straight no draw at all. Not sure what my next step is

    24. So, with this and the other tips each claiming we will get another 30 or so yards we should all be driving it another 150 yards at least. lol

    25. Starting the cub back saved my bacon today.

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