This is why I NEVER think about hitting UP with driver!!

I NEVER ever think about hitting up on the golf ball and it makes SO MUCH SENSE! If you try to hit up on the golf ball you will lose power, lose control, lose accuracy and lose distance with driver. You need to follow this driver video that will get you playing your best golf.

This simple golf tip all about driver, how to hit driver better, how to hit driver longer, how to hit more fairways. This video covers questions that so many golfers ask me, how low should my trail shoulder be in the golf swing, weight distribution with driver and do i lean back in the golf swing. You will be very surprised at a lot of these tips thats for sure!

THIS IS WHY I NEVER think about hitting up with driver!!

The set up in the golf swing is so important and in my opinion is the DNA of your golf swing. Shoulders in the golf swing is so important, as well as ball position in golf, driver set up. I know for a fact this simple golf tip and driver golf tip will get you hitting the driver longer, hitting the driver straighter, get effortless power, hit up on the golf ball, hit driver on the up, gain power in the golf swing, the list is endless.

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17 Replies to “This is why I NEVER think about hitting UP with driver!!”

  1. dalulgod says:

    dang mgm did him dirty .why let him try if he breached contract in the 1st place. pretty sure they knew but was willing to roll the dice and let him attempt it. really shady plus in the end the bulls org took a loss to make it right. thats some casino willing to take a risk shit then going back on their word. no way they didnt know he wasnt elegable for a mill but played the odds and lost. sad that it took him that long to get money

  2. Matt Tandy says:

    Hi Alex, you always say post your questions and you will try and help. Well I’m in real need of help. I’ve somehow developed a really strong left hand grip with the club face closed at setup which has become the only way I feel comfortable over the ball. This has produced low hook iron shots. How can I fix this and get back to being more comfortable with a square face at setup with a more neutral grip. Thanks Matt

  3. Golflre says:

    Where is the lowpoint of the trajectory with driver?

  4. Every time I try to hit up on the golf ball, I hit it 200 yards in the air and about 100 yards forward.

  5. Thanks. Playing Friday.

  6. Beryl Wright says:

    fabulous set up, I need t9 chill

  7. David Scott says:

    As usual sensible logical and East to follow

  8. Excellent demonstration Alex on how to attain the proper "right shoulder down" at set up. I know I don't always focus on this point and the results of my shots show. The weight distribution is about right for me. The one thing I don't do consistently is to rotate through the shot. Something I'm working on! Good job Alex!!

  9. Correct. You will find that tour pros actually hit down on the ball. On impact I think it is less than 1 degree on average.

  10. I think the thumbnail has the yardage backwards lol

  11. Chris Vales says:

    Amazing video. Taking this out to the course in 30 minutes!

  12. Mark Poppe says:

    I was topping my drives 50% of the time when I last went out..I also felt off balance at the end of the swing. It looks like I wasn't able to move my weight to the lead leg after watching your video.

  13. Ken Lynch says:


  14. Brian Starr says:

    Well done Alex. I have been using this strategy for a couple of months now, and my driver has gone from 190yds to 245yds. Such an easy solution. Swinging a little faster also helps.

  15. John M Blake says:

    At setup, if I don’t move my hands slightly forward of the ball, I have a tendency to slice my drive.

  16. Simmo says:

    Hitting down the middle is easy, hitting for distance is the only real challenge for me. Routinely at 180 yds would love to get around 230.

  17. Ken Brown says:

    rather than thinking about it as hitting up, I think about my driver hitting the bottom of the arc before it gets to the ball. ans having that slight tilt to the shoulders works a treat.

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