This is why the pros hit their irons SO SOLID! #shorts #golfswing #golf #ericcogorno


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    49 Replies to “This is why the pros hit their irons SO SOLID! #shorts #golfswing #golf #ericcogorno”

    1. Charlie Moua says:

      At the end of the day, it's easier said than done lol.

    2. The best players on tour have -8 to -5 with a 7 iron, I don’t think it’s necessarily to have a shallow angle of attack

    3. John says:

      If he can hit a eagle shot,that
      will be the day my friend!

    4. "High and far" Question, wouldn't that shaft lean hit it LOW and far? I'm far from a pro but science says otherwise unless you club up?? Great info 🤘😝🤘

    5. FireLordJD says:

      The most infuriating thing about golf for me is that there’s probably a million videos of pros showing the “proper” and “most consistent” swing and every time I get paired with a stranger they have the most hideous swing on this side of the Mississippi and yet STILL manage to send it straight and far.

      Absolutely drives me bonkers.

    6. Just had this lesson with my coach. Feels RIDICULOUS like you’re wayyyy over the top. Combine it with the under the plane station, $$$!

    7. Ben Carter says:

      Dip your lead shoulder? You can do that and still be steep as shit.

    8. Eric says:

      Nice tips and all but this guy really speaks from the nose 👃 😂

    9. Tony Montana says:

      Dude I watch almost all of your golf videos and I swear man, you are the most colour coordinated golfer with your apparel. It’s pretty cool. It’s like you take pride not only in your lessons and tips but also your appearance. Good job 👍

    10. Casey Hixson says:

      Then boom, I chunk it 5 yd

    11. only1trav says:

      Just stand over the ball and hit it lol

    12. Listen lads, we're not PGA pros here, most of us don't have the time or the funds to get to that level. If you want consistent irons as quickly and efficiently as possible it's very simple. 1. Focus on keep arms straight ( trail arm will hinge during back swing but the idea is to have the mindset of keeping arms straight. 2. Keep head down the entire time til contact is established. 3. Slight lead knee hinge during back swing and extension through impact.

      Nothing but crispy ball strikes every time.

    13. Bill Mason says:

      Thanks now I'm shanking

    14. Pill Cosby says:

      Dollar Tree Tony Romo.

    15. DXC says:

      How much should the attack angle be in trackman with this technique?

    16. Rickey Pitts says:

      The way he breaths is annoying

    17. Easier said than done… one can not simply just watch this video and execute

    18. wreckim says:

      Thanks Eric, every once in a while I just revisit this short tip. It's really awesome. It is not easy to do, no. I'm not there. But it is part of what good golf at a lower handicap, IMO, than a 5 really begins. Notice that 'Lag' is part and parcel of this. Without the lag, you can't pull up and left because you'd hook or slice the krap out of it.

    19. I've hit some of my best wedge shots where it literally felt like my hands were 6-12 inches infront of my club face/ball at impact. Also felt like my hands were about 2 feet off the ground which is an exaggeration but if your not used to doing this thats what its going to feel like. So for me it always feels like im really low and forward with my hands. You'll hit it so pure you'll barely feel contact. 🏌😎 I totally agree with what he's saying.

    20. lokolop1 says:

      I literally started playing golf 10 days ago and this helped me a lot. All of y’all saying “this is too advanced” are either stupid or not actually trying.

    21. He’s shoulder and hands didn’t even drop down forward.

    22. Is it just me or does it bother anyone else that he is demonstrating one thing but is standing so damn open that it ruins the whole thing

    23. If I could only hit slow motion I would be Tiger Woods lol, great drill

    24. Hm, this isn't right lol. Pros don't hit the ball well because they have a shallow angle of attack. Pros hit the ball well because they do a few things. They swing fast, they hit the ball in the center of the club face. They control their low point well. They control their face angle well, and they control their swing path well. Not every pro swings shallow.

    25. David Kaplan says:

      How is this remotely actionable?

    26. SAMaxLegend says:

      Yeah, easier said than done

    27. xWillyGz says:

      Coming from a former college golfer, i like the breakdown of these fundamentals. Trying to help my buddies get the swing outcomes they’re looking for

    28. Why do their demonstrations never look anything like the shot they play?

    29. I don’t understand a word that was said

    30. Mark Johnson says:

      This is why the game is so hard,ive been playing all my life and didn't understand a word he said

    31. This is how you hit the ball first and divot after the ball. Good stuff if you can make it happen.

    32. Joshua Euper says:

      The Vince Vaughn of golf instruction.

    33. Knickster says:

      Yeah, so during your demo you drop your head. During you actually swing, you don’t. Basically, get your hands forward, create some lag and let her fly.

    34. Amol M says:

      Single plane swing is simple and effective.. sometimes I wonder, if every coach presented both the swings to behinners, single plane swing will become more popular.

    35. It makes the divot alot more shallow and that's the best impact position

    36. Yup, that's perfect 👌

    37. OtakuOG says:

      I am getting conflicting info about this. Other YT golf instructional vids say to keep your head fixed and not to "bobble" up or down. You want you head in a fixed position as you follow through the shot. But in thus video you can see as he moves his shoulder, his head and his body move up and down as he follows through the shot. So I am confused. Wouldn't this technique make me duff/hit ground first before ball contact?

    38. Make sure to reach Kool aid for optimum results. Mustache will eventually fade Gl finding women

    39. How is this too technical? He used words like hands and shoulder, and down up and back

    40. You’re so good at explaining things.

    41. GSR_ PsI8 says:

      Do people actually watch this garbage thinking it'll help them?

    42. Gotta golf tournament next week. I need this tutorial thanks

    43. I kept going down and forward with my shoulder like a zip line so I’m glad I saw this 😭😭

    44. Rob Cole says:

      Good news guys…
      All you have to do is be incredibly fit & flexible.
      Why nobody has thought of this… the world will never know.

    45. Hey everyone! Bottom line, everyone needs to stretch and be flexible. Also if you don't have the muscle to pull down the weight of club down you will never be able to do this. Bro you are a good coach but need to expand this upfront to everyone. Why don't every coach never be upfront and say this. Flexible and muscles are the best thing to grow your swing.

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