This June… we’re headed out west! Apply here:

29 Replies to “This June… we’re headed out west! Apply here:”

  1. Such a bummer for Utah. If they are looking to play the Fort it may still be flooded come time. Also wish I could participate in the battle.

  2. Jamie Lee says:

    The link doesn’t work!

  3. calidraft1 says:

    Bakersfield CA (shark tooth mnt) or suicide Flatts at Heart Park!! the request of Liquidjunky aka Izz

  4. Joe Smith says:


  5. What a sick trailer 🔥

  6. Tle M says:

    WOW. Well done gents. What a banger

  7. Me and my coworker will challenge you on any course in Washington yo. Love the content

  8. Come get this work

  9. Steven says:

    Maybe the best disc golf hype vid I’ve ever seen

  10. Jordan W. says:

    Come to Seattle

  11. Lou B says:

    Gents, the editing and production has been incredible. I hope that was another take away from re-uploading the catalog, in addition to the titles and thumbnail comment Hunter made the other day.

  12. Bill Herrera says:

    Stop by CO and take on me and my son

  13. JohntheRonin says:

    give em hex boys

  14. OlympusMons7 says:

    Don’t come to dela if you want that perfect record to stay intact 😤😤😤

  15. Bradwurst says:

    Skipped the midwest altogether!? Very clear which region the bogey bros are TERRIFIED of

  16. Does Oklahoma land on the west coast

  17. Gabe Bradley says:

    Come play us at Milo McIver if your not scared

  18. What about the mid-west 😢

  19. John Rambo says:

    Bet you guys wont play me and my partner at Brows and Bows or Finnon lake. Youd get smoked.

  20. Ralph Denver says:

    I don't live there anymore, but the Seattle area has some gorgeous courses. I hope you swing thru there

  21. Blonde dude blows 😂🤣😭

  22. Comay. says:

    It's pretty messed up you guys have the Utah sign in your intro, and haven't come to Utah.

  23. Todd Quigg says:

    How do we apply the link will not work!!!

  24. Breadtoast says:

    Did konner edit this? This is incredible

  25. G6 says:

    Why does this go so hard? I got legitimately hyped up…

  26. You guys are awesome haha

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