This Mini Golf Course has Crazy GUARANTEED Hole in One Bonus Options

Have you ever ever seen a mini golf course has loopy bonus choices like this?

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Taking part in the King Course at Cool Crest Mini Golf in Independence, MO.

About Brooks Holt:
What’s going on BHV! I used to journey the world taking part in drums, now I journey the world taking part in mini golf on the web. Subscribe to my channel so that you could be notified once I submit new movies taking part in a number of the greatest and loopy mini golf programs from everywhere in the nation! From getting a mini golf gap in one, to discovering the very best and craziest mini golf programs from everywhere in the nation, be a part of us as we journey everywhere in the United States and the world!

This Mini Golf Course has Crazy GUARANTEED Hole in One Bonus Options

Brooks Holt

“Music from Epidemic Sound (”


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    47 Replies to “This Mini Golf Course has Crazy GUARANTEED Hole in One Bonus Options”

    1. D B says:

      WIn loss tie
      Brooks 68 36 10
      Elisha 36 68 10

    2. Mgplay 101 says:

      When will the river country mini golf in ocean isle beach North Carolina will be out on your YouTube channel

    3. JIMJ32X says:

      Fun course really enjoy your videos!. Since you are traveling do you give the free games you win away?

    4. Mgplay 101 says:

      How many courses did you do there

    5. You should try Puttskee Mini Golf in Monmouth, Oregon or Holy Terror Mini Golf in Keystone, SD(I have only searched them up).

    6. joeygorman96 says:

      There is a new course in the Tri-Cities. It's in Johnson city TN. It's called paradise acres. Yall would love the course. It's regular play or you can at night and it s LED glow golf! It's really cool!

    7. Robert Baker says:

      You must of filmed this awhile back. This place is closed down now. It's up for sale. Plus its 70 degrees in kc today 😂

    8. Robert P says:

      Did you get to check out the new indoor course Prehistoric putt.

    9. Robert Hypes says:

      He whines as much as a three-year-old

    10. Team Brooks all the way

    11. Moogoomoogoo says:

      Classic Brooksism “ guaranteed hole in one here”. Doesn’t get it.

    12. Mgplay 101 says:

      Did you do the prehistoric putt in independence Missouri too while you were there back in July of this year

    13. Theresa Fox says:

      I’d say brooks got a hole in one on hole 6 it says your play completed when you come out that hole

    14. Ian Mcleod says:

      For an old school course it has some neat obstacles.

    15. Ian Mcleod says:

      How old do you reckon this old school course is?

    16. Ian Mcleod says:

      I do not envy you guys playing out in the heat, but I do appreciate you being able to bring some more content to us all.🤪

    17. cory estes says:

      This is my home course for mini golf!

    18. 40 degrees, lucky you weren't playing a real 18 holes hey!

    19. Brooksyyyyyy I think you did yourself a disservice on the hole where it kicked you back out of the 'guaranteed' hole-in-one (hole 6, maybe??) as the little sign said 'play complete' so I don't think you needed to putt it from there, but I will respect the BHV Rules always. This was a really fun video and sitting here in nearly-October England it was nice to feel like the middle of summer for 15 minutes. You need some a/c on that struggle bus though 🤭

    20. Jeffrey Eash says:

      just so you know with all the shade the ball can't be seen at all

    21. James Abbott says:

      Team Elisha all the way

    22. great job guys nice win Elisha

    23. Brooks, you needed to wear one of Elisha's outfits for that heat.

    24. NunyA BidneZ says:

      Mini Golf gets less love than it deserves. Its not easy but you two make it look so.

    25. Lisa Barnes says:

      You need a shirt that just has the number 4 on it 😂

    26. Sam Sitar says:

      those guaranteed holes in one are fun.

    27. 100 degrees + wow! We did 28 degrees celcius. September 27. Kicked our butt! Not sure bout the conversion but dang it that’s hot! Stay cool guys and bring lots of water!. Hope y’all can come join us in Canada someday!

    28. TeamE rockin' the heat wave! Great game, despite TeamB's late game trainwreck. Buncha aces and some great second shots, very entertaining! Stay safe! Hoping you're well away from Florida at the moment!

    29. Team Elisha as always sorry Brooks she will win the game 👀🎯🎯 LMAO @12 can't believe she got it in the pipe on the rollback

    30. TnCouponer says:

      Brooks you got ripped off on hole 6..

    31. Chris Reise says:

      So, Elisha got TWO hole-in-ones for hole #2 so she should get -1 for that hole.

    32. I only started watching you 2-3 weeks ago, but I don't think I knew you lived in KC until this video. I'm from JoCo, so finding a Youtuber from this area is pretty damn cool lol

    33. Cyperas says:

      I have been playing at Cool Crest off an on for 30 years (most my life) love the course's

    34. Used to play here all the time

    35. Scott C says:

      Woo Hoo Team Elisha with the win and free game!!

    36. I told you that you need to play Prehistoric Putt in Independence, MO. So you were here not to long ago. I remember the heat warning.

      Hole 12 was my favorite. I'm counting this.

    37. Harvey Gouge says:

      If anyone, Brooks and Elisha included, has friends and/or family in the st Meyers Beach or Tampa area of Florida, you might want to check on them. Hurricane Ian devastated that area earlier today

    38. Chon LaLonde says:

      6:10 "this is not my hole"

      Thats what she said 🤣😂😁

    39. I love your shirt Brooks but look on the bright side guys at least you're not ice cream and you didn't melt

    40. Big Kahuna says:

      And that's why I only visit my family in Blue Springs in the spring or fall. 🥵🥵🥵

    41. Russ Kinney says:

      Really fun looking mini golf course! Love how some of the holes have automatic hole in one possibilities. Even though it was scorching hot, looks like the two of you had a great time. Another great video Brooks and Elisha!

    42. Elisha is going have fun fun because of the song was lol

    43. A sea of orange and green on this course. So what colour balls should we use to make it hard for the viewers to watch lol

    44. If every hole was par 2 then Elisha played a par game. Well done !

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