This Skytrak+ App is a MUST HAVE!

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0:00 – 1:12 – Intro Skytrak & WGT Golf APP
1:13 – 7:52 – St Andrew’s Holes 1-3
7:53 – 12:21 – St Andrew’s Holes 4-6
12:22 – 16:50 – St Andrew’s Holes 7-9
16:51 – 18:07 – Final Thoughts

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21 Replies to “This Skytrak+ App is a MUST HAVE!”

  1. Thanks All for watching! What are your thoughts on WGT?

  2. Hi David, looks very cool. Were you running on iPad or what?

  3. clints8888 says:

    Cost in Australian? (WGT)

  4. Joe Casio says:

    What size is your sim?

  5. INNSANE Best home setuo Ever ?? Are you shore it "beats GSPro ?

  6. C.L GOLF says:

    I would never leave the house if I had one of those at home ⛳️

  7. David Cole says:

    My understanding is WGT and Skytrak only work with IOS and not Windows. Are you using a PC with Windows or IOS Tablet?

  8. Someone buy this man a new glove!!!!!!!!!! Come on Maxfield!!!!!!! HAHA

  9. Ken Hall says:

    Ha ha, priceless, just like real golf, just when you think your on a roll, it brings you back down, this is what makes golf such a great game. Great to see your enjoying the new setup, next is online tournaments. There is huge potential for online tournaments.
    Huge 👍

  10. That is next level good

  11. Jeff Serbin says:

    I assume you are utilizing the Play and Improve Plan with the ST+. When you get around to reviewing E6, can you confirm if what is included in the plan (15 courses) also includes online multiplayer? I know the subscriptions directly with E6 have the online multiplayer available. Would suck to have to get the play and improve plan and an E6 just to play online.

  12. BMW MFan says:

    Make a video playing a full round at Pebble Beach

  13. Paul Rowing says:

    What are you using iOS iPad or pc and what’s the costs incurred with wgt in comparison to tgc19?

  14. M L says:

    Is that on a PC or IOS? Thanks…

  15. Arctic Gears says:

    My budget limits me to the Garmin. I’m curious if I should’ve waited I’m still building my setup and down to the final touches. Might upgrade in a year or two to a diff launch monitor. I do like that you’ve covered the Garmin as much though made me feel it was a good decision for me given my limited money/space.

  16. St. Andrews is an awful course. Liverpool is much better.

  17. WGT makes you pay for virtual golf balls, IIRC.

    E6 also works with Skytrak+, & the different Skytrak+ plans include various courses.

  18. How's the mis reads and chips with skytrak+. I wish it was a bit cheaper

  19. David
    What is wtg? Do you need a pc? Is it available with the regular Skytrak? Thinking of upgrading from my r10

  20. Mike Jones says:

    I love that you couldn't switch to meters. My math isn't good enough to calculate it each shot in my head

  21. John says:

    I'm pretty sure that software's long putts and chips were rigged!

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