This WILL change your next club purchase

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In todays video I test the Callaway Paradym 24° hybrid alongside the equivalent lofted Callaway Paradym Iron, should you be buying more hybrids than irons and what makes them different?

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36 Replies to “This WILL change your next club purchase”

  1. pjas09 says:

    Due to your testing over the years & my dislike for hybrids, I have gone (after testing) to Stealth Irons 7-SW then 5-4-3 SIM DHY & love the versatility of this set up … Driver, 5W & 7W round out bag.

  2. Bluetoughguy says:

    I definitely think there's a place for both. I think I would rather go 5 iron and 7 wood. 5 iron I like for those low runners and also if I find myself needing to get under trees (happens quite a bit for us 15-20 handicappers). 7 wood has been a godsend for me!

  3. Ian samuels says:

    Driver , 3 wood then 19 & 22 hybrids then 5 iron down for me

  4. Ratt70 says:

    3 wood, 5 wood 21° hybrid 24°hybrid 6 iron

  5. WKD WKD says:

    Ping G425 max ( stiff) Ping G425 , 3 hybrid ( reg) 2 iron, 4-Pw Cobra tour mims ( reg) Cleveland RT Wedges 52° & 60°( reg) Scotty Cameron Phantom X 6 STR ( centre shaft) thin scotty grip. … rather hit my 5 iron. But at 26° its near the loft most cranked up 7 irons are

  6. I am 67 soon and my swingspeed with dr is under 90 mph, so my 5 iron is not in my bag anymore, i´m carrying dr, 5w 7w 5h and 6-p

  7. Steshen says:

    My 5i Paradym (23°) completely replaced my xhot Hybrid4. I've also gained 10-15m compared to my old 5i (Wilson SGi) thanks to the loft…and new tech?

  8. Andy JM says:

    One plus for the 5i – is the low shot under the trees. I have to play that shot a lot!

  9. I go from 6i to 5h to 7w, 5w, 3w but do have the 5i if I want to switch 5h as I do have the 4h (-1) if I want to swap 5w – generally I keep at least one hybrid in as it’s great out of thick turf. Love Paradym x irons with standard Paradym hybrids, woods & driver 😁

  10. 4 wood, 7 wood, 5 hybrid seems to work well for me so far this season.

  11. Harvey B says:

    Hi Andy, In the last year or so, I took out my 5 and 6 irons and replaced with hybrids. The hybrids are so much easier to hit well and they fly higher and land softer than the irons. So my bag goes from driver, 4 wood, 7 wood and the 5 & 6 hybrids, 7 iron down.

  12. Steve Kujan says:

    My lowest Paradym iron is the 6 at 26 degrees and then a 25 degree SiM2 MAX 5 hybrid.

  13. Scott Murray says:

    Used to love my 4 iron until I got my 3h paradym. Can hit it so much better from sub optimal lies and still get 225yds.

  14. Bob Hamilton says:

    I have PXG 19,22,25 & 28 degree hybrids so much forgiveness and so hard not to advance the ball even with the occasional duff. My seven iron rarely comes out these days. Senior golfers should seriously consider a bag full of hybrids.

  15. Paul McGee says:

    4 hybrid, 5 hybrid in my bag

  16. gordon cook says:

    Seriously if you think that is a definition of a tight par 4 layup don't ever think of coming to Australia to play. This fairway is a paddock and is a driver every day of the year. A lay up off the tee is for fairways 25 yards wide not this vast expanse. Understand it's a comparison of two vastly different clubs but geez mate pick a tight hole for the comparison. This is wider than some par 3's are long.

  17. Daniel Daza says:

    Good video but he mentions that the loft of the 5iron is 21.5 degrees not 24

  18. I've got driver, heaven wood (extra loft on 3W head), 7W, 5I and up. Was thinking about a hybrid but there isn't enough gap between 7W and 5I to justify it. Just one stiff backed old man's 2 cents worth.
    My slow clubhead speed makes 4I and 3I a problem, but the 5I seems to do ok.

  19. D B says:

    I have a 3,4, and 5 hybrid in my bag. So versatile and easier to hit then the same iron number

  20. Dave V says:

    I have both in my bag. The gap between my 6i and 4h was too big for one club. I don't hit the 5i as far as the 5h, so carrying both solves my gapping problem. So now I have a lot of options (6i-4h) for shots between 160 and 200yds. That seems to cover a lot of par3's and long approaches on the courses I play.

  21. Steve McCoy says:

    90% of the people watching this should not have a 5 iron in the bag , just my opinion 🤷‍♂️

  22. John Domutz says:

    I'm at that age where long irons just won't work anymore. I really appreciate the work you do for us and decided to subscribe and support your work. I'm 70 years old, in a good 2nd career and totally get it. I watch them all (YouTubers) but take your comments the most seriously in terms of my own golf game. I've even taken your lead and am practicing chipping with my 5-hybrid. It works and I'm taking it into the course this year. Thank you so much for your work. I appreciate it, and encourage you to continue. 😊

  23. RazoRock says:

    Irons all day long for me. I don't get along with hybrids. They have a tendency to hook and I'm not very accurate off the tee into longer par 3s. Much prefer something like a PXG XP in the long end of the set, then transition to a 7 or 5 wood. Also, at my course there is no chipping with a hybrid, the green are firm, fast and sloppy, you need a high spin wedge to navigate the short game.

  24. I got rid of my fairway woods and hybrid and replaced with a TM stealth DHY. I found it made all my swings more consistent.

  25. It's all very well hitting both clubs from dry rough, I think the results might be very different from the wet chewy rough we have to play in Britain for most of the year !!

  26. 34dawgsgo says:

    Hobby club builder. All my clubs are hybrid irons except woods, 54 and 58.

  27. I also have a new Paradym set and what I am testing is the 20 deg Heavenwood and a 5 down set of irons. The Heavenwood covers enough shots and situations to warrant the 5 iron.

  28. My Wilson Staff FG V6 irons have a loft of 24 deg on the 4 iron, then I sometimes carry a HYB @ 19 and almost always a 3 WD @ 14.5…Depends on the course fairway, weather hard soft or fairway grass…as too weather I switch the 3 WD for a HiFi Hogan 3 iron @ 18 deg….

  29. Mike B says:

    I've had an adjustable 4/5 hybrid waiting in the wings to take my 5-iron spot for quit a few years. Now at 61 years old, I think I'm finally at the point where the added launch, forgiveness and distance of a hybrid outweighs the accuracy of an iron.

  30. DrMetalpin says:

    I keep a 4 hybrid, irons 4-PW, and a 3 Wood with an adjustable angle. Considering trying a 7-wood.

  31. 5 iron, 4 hybrid, 3 wood is the direction i went.

  32. It comes down to swing speed and what type of course do you normally play.

    My swing speed is comparable to Andy's and I stop the irons at a 26.5 degree 5i. In the past I have tried lower lofted irons and anything lower lofted than 25 degrees in the irons is fairly pointless for me. I then switch to a 4 hybrid lofted at 23 degrees then a 7w at 21 degrees – again with my swing speed I just cannot get enough launch with a 3 hybrid.

    But my local course is an inland parkland course. If I was playing a links course I might want the extra run out that a long iron over a hybrid gives you and a links course is a lot windier, so I might prefer the ability to drill one under the wind.

    Long term I think that the ideal might be to drop a wedge and include a driving iron in the bag

  33. Tony Glasser says:

    I've been debating adding a 5 hybrid but I'm not sure if I'm already getting the same play from my 7 wood.

  34. _ lngshot says:

    Do both. If your 5I goes 180, you more than likely don't have or need 14 irons in your bag. Keep the wind-cheater and the high-launch long iron.

  35. Problem is that most golfers don’t get the opportunity to test side by side especially on course. Selection of what goes in the bag is sometimes going to be a best guess without access to be able to test long irons.

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