Three Things To Help You Play Better Golf with Your Wedges.

EP 81 – In this video we share three things often overlooked when picking out your next set of wedges. The cool thing is it doesnt have anything to do with Loft, Lie, or Bounce. So if you struggle around the greens then these could be one of the very reasons.

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6 Replies to “Three Things To Help You Play Better Golf with Your Wedges.”

  1. Deric Young says:

    Thanks for saying the length thing I've always thought it'd be better to have longer wedges

  2. hbyrdut says:

    At about 6:20 you said that the lie angle will get more upright as the club gets shorter. I thought the lie got flatter as the club got shorter and got more upright as the club got longer.

  3. Dick Broomer says:

    Hi John great info👍, interesting thoughts on one length from 9Iron down, being a senior golfer I now play my Irons +1” from 7 to Gape Wedge (in graphite shafts) but my 56deg +1” (in steel) find the extra weight helps around the green with this Wedge 👍, “like you were saying” it’s my go to club, the extra overall weight of the club helps me be more positive with pitches & chips😁, “it’s the strength of my game” also have gone to a lighter weight build with TSR1 Woods +1”, Driver & Rescues std length (gets me extra club head speed)Thanks Dickey 9hcp 76year senior golfer UK

  4. Jason Miller says:

    Fantastic. Thank you

  5. Look forward to Friday! Be interesting. Thanks for your help John! 🤛🏌️‍♂️

  6. AaronH. says:

    Glad to see another video!!
    I was fit yesterday for KBS tour C-taper 120 with 2deg flat for all my irons. Big difference coming from DG 105 VSS stiff.
    Maybe I need to take a look at my wedge lie angle as well? We didn’t have time for wedges

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