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    16 Replies to “Throw and feel the path of the club…”

    1. Timmy Gasman says:

      I’ve thrown a few when I hit a bad shot, in my younger days.

    2. Brilliant drill, I've done this drill before, it's way harder than people think to throw it on an in to out path, for weeks i was throwing it around my body instead of going out

    3. Dana McQueen says:

      Great practice drill. I tried something like this years ago with my Little League baseball team, having them throw a bat toward the pitcher’s mound to help them feel the release. It worked very well, but as you said, it’s pretty dangerous, especially with 11-12 year old kids. You never know where that bat might end up the first few times they try it. Thanks very much, your videos are outstanding.

    4. david hovde says:

      THANK YOU. I know a lot of folks have heard this advice before but my swing was getting complicated. I watched this and this thought alone had me striking so much better. I love the video and how you just have fun with it. Again much thanks.

    5. Glenn O'neal says:

      Marcus I hear people say not to swing to the right? What’s your opinion they say you could block it or even hook it

    6. Mike S says:

      You have some great material Marcus . Over da top is just stuwpid.
      Thank you Marcus

    7. Chris Moore says:

      I can think of plenty of people I’d like to throw a golf club at! 😂

    8. Peter Chau says:

      Hi Marcus, I have been watching all your vids and it gives me tremendously new perceptions of golf swings to the traditional one. May I enquire that throwing the club practice is also apply to hybrid, fairway wood and driver.

    9. Claymould says:

      Having watched many of your videos it has been great to listen to someone who can clearly explain their ideas. After a little practice in my net in the garden I crunched shot after shot right down the centre and can’t wait to try it out on the course. Once the penny drops everything else becomes intuitive – I don’t even have to think about what my feet were doing or my hips,shoulders it just comes naturally. Thanks Marcus for your great insight and inspiring lessons. 👍🏌️⛳️

    10. I'd be willing to bet that over 50 percent of people that try this would release it too late the first time. Great drill.

    11. divac7777 says:

      So your target was the white flag and not the yellow target?

    12. Thanks Marcus…Steve Pratt has a great video on this. I have a net I do this into…it helps tremendously with swing path and release

    13. OLDGOLD says:

      Shades of Shawn Clement. You 2 have the best instruction channels on you tube .

    14. Richard C says:

      First time I ever heard that. It’s gold. I’ve got plenty of older clubs to practice this with.

    15. Perfect lesson 👍 THX Marcus

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