Tiger Woods Ball Fails to Stay in – Golf Rules

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Q. The player’s ball has gone down into the cup, but has failed to stay at rest in the hole. Does this count as holed?
A. No, ALL of the ball must come to rest below the surface of the ground, inside the hole, for it to be considered holed.
Exception 1: part of it is below the surface of the ground and at rest against the flagstick that has been left in the hole = holed.
Exception 2: ALL of the ball is below the surface of the ground, but only part of the ball is inside the hole, as it is embedded in the side of the hole = holed.
Definition of ‘holed’ & Rule 13.2b.
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    15 Replies to “Tiger Woods Ball Fails to Stay in – Golf Rules”

    1. Kyle Pugh says:

      Bugs bunny pushed that ball out the hole!

    2. 😲😲😲😲😯😯😮😮😲

    3. Pat W says:

      When they invented golf, the hole should have been twice as big in diameter. Game would have been even more fun.

    4. nguyen dat says:

      Oh my god…WoWooooooooo…😰😰😰

    5. GARLAND XX3 says:

      The Universal rule is It’s in only if it stays in. If you doubt me just Ask your girlfriend. . .

    6. It should be the rule that no matter when it's in and it comes it should be in

    7. Isaac Albin says:


    8. This is like that meme when tiger chips it in and it comes all the way back lol

    9. parkadiy says:

      так считается мяч или нет ?

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