Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend accuses golfer of sexual harassment l GMA

An attorney for Erica Herman writes in a new court filing that Woods “decided to pursue a sexual relationship” with her and then “forced her to sign an NDA about it or else be fired from her job.”

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43 Replies to “Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend accuses golfer of sexual harassment l GMA”

  1. The watchmen says:


  2. immature unintelligent Little girls like that never had a father to teach them better

  3. Women are so immature and delusional

  4. These hoes need to stop With these lies

  5. Tiger man them white woman gone be the death of u!

  6. Mich 1989 says:

    He always been a type of the grass is greener the other side of the street so i can’t really feel sorry for him !! 🤷🏾‍♂️

  7. Blaize L says:

    1:12 "Oh baby I love you so much"

  8. Timothy Tran says:

    leave this man alone jesus

  9. Sir. Fender says:

    Don't stick your di-_-ck in paper chasers

  10. Trump now Tiger…the D*ck hunt is on…. IT'S OPEN SEASON AGAIN "Fella's"….. Better do what's Right! DON'T give these Jezabel's NO Legal Ground. WORD UP! ⬆️

  11. Mark Reed says:

    All these women need to stop lying. Cancel culture and wokeness needs to end!

  12. All of this after the man tells you it's over?!

  13. Steve says:

    Sounds like he got what he wanted, then dumped her. Not sure why she feels she’s entitled to anything. Being gullible and naive, that’s her fault, not his.

  14. Jimmy Hall says:

    Dang Tiger has learned many life lessons & he hasn’t learned to get the hell away from crazy white women. That’s really the downfall in his career.. After cheating on crazy x #1 when she put the club through the windshield, Tiger messy life became tabloid headlines, the quest for the major championship all time lead will never happen.

  15. Rich Mullen says:

    Money grubbing ho!

  16. Angel Cat says:

    It's hard to understand why someone that is so blessed and with so much talent, can be so cold & not think of his kids, or how his behavior makes the partner feel, at the end of relationships? Go figure….money buys lawyers, but not a respectful ending. But the women still go for him.


    right ok….

  18. Dyana Orozco says:

    Way to ugly and hideous even with all his Millions, No thanks!😂

  19. She looks like nutcase. Tiger needs to do a better job with finding ladies. Sheesh

  20. 😂 you can't even break up with your girlfriend now without being sued!!

  21. Mike Hunt says:

    He's so f ing gross!

  22. “Cheapest woman tends to be the one that you pay for.” Jack Reacher

  23. Mark Laechel says:

    I saw this: shes trying to extract 32 million from him like hes an ATM. The judge is starting to balk on this. And to TIger: be ;more selective bro. Every chick knows who you are and what u got

  24. Dan The Man says:

    You never know how much love a woman has for you until your in family court and/ or break up.👌🏼

  25. Davy Hendrix says:

    I can believe it he hasn't learned anything

  26. She was forced to be HIS GF in public for 6 years?

  27. This country has a gold digger epidemic😂

  28. Dame Damsel says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahha this is hilarious. She is no different than any other gold digger out there. She would've never made 30 mill i her lifetime, yet she's demanding it as if she did work. Hilarious.

  29. someone ran out of money

  30. Mr.Monster says:

    She signed it..and then slept with him ? She set him up..another gold digger.. they both gross people…

  31. Sounds like BS. 30 million? He’s an idiot to keep dating these pasty gold diggers.

  32. Scott Wesley says:

    right "pressured and coerced" into a relationship with a man worth 750 million dollars and one of the best golfers of all time. We all know how much women have to be pressured into relationships with billionaires. gtfo with this nonsense

  33. Scott Wesley says:

    really really hope this woman doesnt see a dime

  34. Rryenomrr says:

    She’s uhly 😂🤣I don’t believe he would do it because he doesn’t have problems with girls and her wanting money says it all 🤮🤢

  35. Hammer Tyme says:

    She got dropped off at the airport and now claims sexually harassment. And for the low low price of 30 million, I'm willing to forgetaboutit. But you have to act now!!

  36. Butter Robot says:

    She's a lying pos

  37. So you can't break up with someone anymore?

  38. Ax S says:

    Must suck hard to be rich.

  39. Whatever. Shut up bitch

  40. breeze light says:

    It's all about the money, honey.

  41. Akko Tube says:

    False accusation will always be a thing, unless they can go to jail for it. Justices needs to be served, if this is not true, and no evidence can say it is, then she should go to jail. Point blank!

  42. Daily thumbs down enjoy 😂👎

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