Titleist Tips: Dealing with Crosswinds Off the Tee

Studying learn how to play in the wind is a crucial facet in fact administration and important to changing into a extra constant participant. Wind that blows left-to-right or right-to-left will be notably tough, as it could impact not solely the curve and course of your photographs, but in addition the distance that the ball travels. On this video, Titleist workers member Justin Parsons discusses the challenges of driving the golf ball in crosswinds and gives some key take-aways:

• In case your precedence is accuracy, fade the golf ball (left-to-right curve for a right-handed golfer) right into a right-to-left wind. Draw the ball (right-to-left curve) right into a left-to-right crosswind. The curve you impart on the shot will work in opposition to the wind and neutralize its impact. You could lose a ways, however the shot will fly pretty straight and maintain its line higher.

• In case your precedence is distance, purpose proper right into a right-to-left wind and draw the golf ball (right-to-left curve for a right-handed golfer). Goal left right into a left-to-right crosswind and fade the golf ball (left-to-right curve). The curve you impart on the shot will enable your ball to trip the wind and achieve a lift in dangle time and carry distance. The drawback of that is that the ball will curve rather more than standard, making it laborious to be correct.

• Whether or not you’re employed the ball right into a crosswind or attempt to trip it, the greatest secret is dedication. Decide to your beginning line and the shot form you select and you may begin trying ahead to enjoying when it blows sideways.

For extra suggestions and drills from Justin and different Titleist Employees Members, go to Titleist Instruction: https://bit.ly/2W4QkIR


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