Titleist Tips | Pull Strength for Golf Power

To drive the golf ball farther, you need to swing the golf club faster. Pretty logical, right? But what’s the best way to increase your swing speed? If distance is your goal, one big thing to keep in mind is that the ball goes farthest when it is struck with the center of the clubface. Speed on its own isn’t worth a great deal if you can’t maintain some control over the club.

So how do you get faster and still deliver the face of your driver squarely and consistently? As Titleist staff member and TPI co-founder Dr. Greg Rose details in this video, a huge component of effective speed is strength – and in particular, PULL STRENGTH.

Incredible forces are at work when you swing a golf club. Because of gravity and centripetal force, swinging a driver at 100 mph requires you to pull back on the handle of the club with 87 pounds of force. As you swing faster, the forces increase dramatically. To counterbalance the forces at play during a driver swing of 150 mph, you’d need to pull back on the grip with nearly 200 pounds of force!

This means that if you lack sufficient pull strength, you physically won’t be able to swing at certain speeds. Try and the club will fly right out of your hands. To manage that speed and to build your ability to control it, take the doctor’s advice. Add some exercises to your workout routine – like the one-arm pulls that Greg demonstrates in the video. You’ll be able to apply more torque to the shaft, boost your speed and launch it farther without sacrificing accuracy.

For more tips and drills from Greg and other Titleist Staff Members, visit Titleist Instruction: https://bit.ly/2W4QkIR


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