Tommy Fleetwood Gives Amateurs Short Game Lessons

Tommy Fleetwood is sneaky one of the funniest guys on Tour. This year we gave him plenty of material as he tried to fix our short games

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33 Replies to “Tommy Fleetwood Gives Amateurs Short Game Lessons”

  1. The horns always get me

  2. M L says:

    can this goof ball lurch guy hit the bricks already or what HUH HUH HUR DUR WHERE DO YOU THINK HES MAKING CONTACT LIKE HERE HHEHEHE HUR DUR HUR DUR bro get..TF outta here.

  3. In tears watching him not be able to chip onto a green 30 yards away😂

  4. scoot.91 says:

    Anyone know where you can buy the hat Tommy is wearing in this video?

  5. SlickNix says:

    "What's happening, right now." had me cackling 🤣🤣🤣 16:20

  6. Fred R says:

    Tommy looks so smart beside this horde of dummies

  7. Roddy says:

    I don’t understand because kisner taught Frankie and now he’s horrible

  8. Dick Satan says:

    Did he forget everything Kisner taught him years ago?

  9. Eric K says:

    all hitting 60 degree wedges?

  10. Aaron Vowell says:

    Frankie “Bag of Milk” Borrelli

  11. Reid Wiebe says:

    Frankie is such a head case lol

  12. Michael Fink says:

    A self proclaimed 9 handicap 😂😂😂

  13. Erik Hansen says:

    I'd like to see Frankie close his stance on those chips. Use that floppy lefty touch 👍

  14. GoingGolfing says:

    There needs to be a trigger warning before Frankie's meltdown lol

  15. JoshisIsland says:

    Frankie is such a headcase lmao

  16. JR5646 says:

    That went from the funniest thing ever when Frankie double hit the chip to just feeling really sad for him by the end. That was painful to watch.

  17. Mike Knoth says:

    Woww frankie forgot everything kiz showed him. Eww

  18. Jesus Revus says:

    If Frankie ever reads this, as a starter- keep your weight on your right side through the chip/pitch. You sway quite a bit so the low point of the swing is changing- hence fatting and thinning.

  19. The greenkeeper when he discovers this spot 🥲

  20. T just dying laughing after the double hit is hilarious..

  21. asseeerts says:

    I laughed so i hard i started to cry

  22. John Smith says:

    Can we get Frankie loke a 20 degree bounce wedge

  23. John Smith says:

    Man I can't dude…Frankie needs a sport psychologist

  24. John Smith says:

    The greenskeeper must love frankie

  25. Tommy is great but these American guys are so irritating!

  26. Brett Schall says:

    Loved the Frankie breakdown moment. So great to see we are all human. Very relatable and confidence inspiring in a way.

  27. Nate S says:

    I still believe Frankie is the most natural golfer of the bunch. His short game struggles are baffling.

  28. Matt Harris says:

    Tommy's advice for Frankie seems really odd to me…that's such a huge back swing for such a short shot, leads to so much deceleration and inconsistent strikes. I swear I could help him in 10 mins where he'd get a much much better feel. Random internet guy challenge…"can he fix Frankie".

  29. Kelly Pagano says:

    Frankie defeating himself so bad. He can do it

  30. M.J.W. says:

    Frankie should buy a chipper.

  31. Tommy is cool and fun to have on the vid………(not on the shorts) ha haha Luv it

  32. is it infuriating to anyone else to see how bad Frankie is at chipping, especially after all the lessons with tour pros. Like dude, just practice on the range a few hundred balls a day for a week and you'll get it, help yourself!!

  33. Nik Fledge says:

    Why didn't Tommy tell the last guy not to swing so steep into it?! It like he was trying to pick it out of the rough. A smooth shallow swing would take the club anywhere from an inch behind and get it in the air without chunking or topping it!

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