Top 10 Cancun Scams to Avoid Don't Get Fooled

Welcome to our eye-opening video, “Top 10 Cancun Scams to Avoid. Don’t Get Fooled If you’re planning a trip to the beautiful destination of Cancun, you absolutely need to watch this.
Living in Cancun, Mexico, for the past 20 years, I have real-life stories to bring you the most comprehensive guide on avoiding scams in Cancun. We break down each scam, providing valuable tips and insights to help you stay one step ahead and protect yourself and your loved ones.

Discover the sneaky tricks street vendors, taxi drivers, and fake tour guides use, and learn how to identify warning signs before it’s too late. We also share practical advice on securing your belongings, choosing reputable services, and confidently navigating the local scene.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, this video is a must-watch to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience in Cancun. Don’t let scammers ruin your vacation – empower yourself with knowledge and arm yourself with strategies to outsmart them.

Join us as we expose Cancun’s top 10 sneaky scams. Don’t fall victim to their tricks; become a savvy traveler who can fully embrace the beauty and wonders of Cancun without any worries.

Hit that play button now and get ready to be equipped with the essential information you need to stay safe and scam-free in Cancun. Remember, knowledge is power; together, we can outsmart scammers!

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47 Replies to “Top 10 Cancun Scams to Avoid Don't Get Fooled”

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  2. We booked transportation prior to arriving in Cancun and had a set rate to and from the airport, they told us where to find them and we waited about 20 mins for them to arrive (don't recall the name of the company).

    We stayed at a resort and they had doormen that specifically handled taxi service. We literally just stood there and they order our taxi. (Grand Oasis)

    We got in the taxi and he spoke decent English, we asked if we could continue to use his service on our trip and he gave us his phone number, we called him the rest of the trip and he took us everywhere and dropped us back off and I think we paid with cashapp or something.

    We also only booked excursions that included transportation and our hotel had a private beach. (Booked excursions on Expedia)

    We had a full trip

  3. KA LMG says:

    All true. Went to Cancun and scammers everywhere. The car rental was the worst and $68 dolar taxi drive to my hotel 5 miles away.

  4. I'm from Cancun. If you want some guide to avoid scams or have a nice time, please send me a message 😉

  5. Lancompusa says:

    I was in Cancun Mexico, and it was the best vacation time…I have video taped it on my channel as well. Enjoy

  6. Any advice on getting a rental car safely, without being scammed? i also wanted to travel to belize in the rental car i get in cancun .

  7. Just got back from Cancun on July 10 2023, Definitely saw scammers, definitely saw “corrupt” officers, and seen a group of Hispanic individuals at coco bongo nightclub who sold me some weed and told me they were Cjnc or something. But overall the trip was good af made it back to Houston safe & sound. Didn’t get hustled because 🤷🏾‍♂️ I do the hustling 💯


  9. I will be going to Cancun next week Saturday anything new I should keep my eyes open for not trying to go on vacation for my first international trip & get scammed.

  10. Richard G says:

    Great😂….now i don't want to go to cancun anymore 😢

  11. Sophia C says:

    Scammers everywhere!!!

  12. János P says:

    As Hungarian we go there in december. Thanks for video but dont get it the restaurant scam. How do i know its Mexican dollar or US dollars on the price list? Its the same symbol isnt it?

  13. John Rambo says:

    Literally everything in cancun and playa del carmen is a scam.
    Don't go there, it's ruined

  14. Than BOYCOTT cancun or mexico altogether

  15. Phong Huynh says:

    We never been to Cancun before and plan not to go there any time soon , there are a lot of nice and safe places in the world , why Cancun .

  16. You go to a third-world country on vacation, and always abject poverty is kept from your awareness. You go to Mexico, you deserve whatever happens to you.

  17. This sounds like the new mgmt at my apt bldg.

  18. carlos V says:

    Thank you for the video, they take your money without a gun or knife, everything is expensive, even more than New Jersey where I live, be careful with the timeshare, please don't buy it, if you did, read the contract you may have only five working day to cancel, after that you are in a big trouble, I will never go back to Cancun Mexico

  19. Great video, very informative.

  20. Chei Wei says:

    永远不要去骗子、小偷、流氓猖獗的国家旅行,即便风景再美,古迹再多,也不会获得美好的旅行体验😂 政府的无能、无耻、贪腐才会造成这样的现实!

  21. Be careful, travelers arriving at the Cancun, Mexico airport, the immigration officers kidnap you and ask for r money. they have to my family and ask for our bank account numbers and cash money te let him free, It is my situation, they locked our family and they are extorting us. No viajen a Cancun, Mexico te secuestran en el aeropuerto y te piden dinero los agentes de inmigración ellos lo hacen, para que te dejen salir, es nuestro caso ahora mismo pidieron nuestras cuentas de banco y dinero en efectivo, si no lo das amenazan con deportarte .NO VIJEN A CANCUN PELIGRO DANGER. es la mafia mexicana de inmigración cuidado.

  22. Why do people still go to these places? When I take a vacation, I go to a place where I can relax not to places where I have to always be vigilant and constantly look over my shoulder. If we take a stand eventually, it is going to hurt their pockets, and they fix this sh!@t in no time.

  23. Hello everyone everything and all its true about this video I'm in cancun right now and been victim few times to be honest never coming back when there are hundreds of beautiful places in the world that affordable and respectful to the tourists . entrance fees for club's in busy areas between $50 to $150 us its total joke and there are bunch of clowns and crooks outside awaiting for innocent people who have no idea what they paying for .hope this comment help you folks .cheers

  24. Don’t forget the stolen scooter helmet scam. Your helmet will get stolen replacement is more than scooter rental. Put a sticker on it. Because you will see it hanging up at the rental place later The rental place has stolen it lol.

  25. SCRAPIRON says:

    Oh so glad we watched this.
    Its sad we wanted to go but after learning that the stress level of being ripped off is so great, well go someplace els.

  26. Taxi drivers in Cancun will beat up Uber drivers.

  27. Do you know about Scams in Guadalajara ?

  28. Adam L says:

    4:20 I'll be renting a jet ski there. Any1 know a good place to do this?

  29. Ronin says:

    1 mayan doller = 2 chickens and 1 handfull of corn, last I looked.

  30. Honki Ponki says:

    Just get an all inclusive holiday and ask hotel arrange a vehicle for your trips from / to airport. That's it. Renting car etc., you guys give opportunity those people to steal from you.

  31. You got to be careful a person hose around the another place it is a hacked Cancun Mexican, don't trust one of this fools

  32. "Don't get tricked." I like the title.

  33. Elva Aurora says:

    I wish i saw this video before i went to cancun. I got scammed by a taxi driver. At the airport told me 500 pesos, once we got there he charged 1500 pesos. Threatned to call the cops if the fee wasnt paid. Ppl i recommend that if u go in taxi record the taxi driver telling you the price. So many thirsty snakes

  34. Akos M. says:

    Helpful stuff. Visiting next month, so im going thru videos like this.
    Gotta say tho you paint a rather grim picture of the place…
    Hopefully common sense will deflect these scam attempts

  35. Went to Cancun last year! So many of these scams were true just from our one trip! We experienced the ones at the airport especially. The Fake cops thing is so so real!!! Two girls that came on their own, rented a car and were scammed $200 each by these fake cops with what looked like real guns! Thankfully we used discova shuttle and a travel agent so we knew EXACTLY where to go and who to talk to! Everyone was great to work with even when there were issues. Cancun is fun but seriously so many people trying to rob you!

  36. L c f says:

    I just have one thing to say: why would anyone give their card to an employee? Honest question, since I live in a country where people always bring you the atm machine, or you have to get up to go to the machine, it is unthinkable to give the card, but this is listed as a scam, so I wonder, is that normal?

  37. j G says:

    As a Hispanic from the states. I can go without saying that Cancun really target white and black Americans with all their additional made up cost. I personally witnessed these people prey on them successfully 😢

  38. Gif24 GT says:

    Best advice, do not go to tourist areas.

  39. Do NOT rent or drive in Mexico! Been going there for 34 years. Use taxis or the bus.

  40. 805gregg says:

    Or better yet look at Borderland Beat and see which murderous drug cartel will be putting you in an early shallow grave

  41. Dan King says:

    Leaving in a week to go. I’m worried now

  42. Henry Morrey says:

    OOOOOOR, the NUMBER ONE! Way to prevent yourself from not being scammed in cancun. I know I’m losing money just telling you this but it’s too easy…… DONT FUCKING GO TO SHITHOLE TOURIST TRAP CANCUN! Go to Mazatlan where you can get a bucket of 5 coronas for $5 American, go to Puerto Vallarta, and stay in a luxurious hotel for 1/4 $ what you would in cancun, still same sun and fun in the beaches but the percentages you’ll be forced to bribe cops to not go to jail like in cancun is down to like 3%

  43. Mark snyders says:

    After listening to this my advice go somewhere else!!!

  44. Joe says:

    This seems too exhausting and easier and less hassle to go somewhere else

  45. Hello. I am going to Cancun today. Your video was super helpful. I didn't even think about any of the scams.

  46. Papabapyro says:

    Thanks going there in less than a month. I’ve traveled quite a bit so I’m used to the hustlers. I have an advantage because my daughter is going and her oldest child is half Mexican and she speaks good Spanish ( my daughter not granddaughter) I know enough to be dangerous 😅. I’ve been to Mexico a couple times with her and it’s funny how fast the people’s attitude change when they hear a blonde American speaking near fluent Spanish. Cheers

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